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TrackIR 5/FreeTrack/FTNoIR. RP94's POV

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well guys, my TrackIR 5 came in, I'm am so pleased with the results. It's so much more accurate and snappier than FaceTracknoIR and FreeTrack and requires little effort to get the settings you are comfortable with. I already had the IR lights head set for head phones, known as TrackClipPro. But I actually prefer the clip-on accessory that attaches to the hat, only because there's no wires that get in the way (My monitor is a TV and the computer sits kinda far away, so wires wrapping around me is a pain). They both work really well, no problems with lighting in the room that I had with FreeTrack and especially FaceTrackNoIR.

it can emulate mouse movement like FreeTrack, the mouse movement would come in handy for games that don't have TrackIR enabled and but uses mouse movement for views, such as Rigs of Rods.

(Doesn't emulate keyboard presses like FreeTrack though)

FaceTrackNoIR was the very first headtracking software I've ever used, the Idea that you don't have to wear anything on your head to track your face is a good idea, but it really can't be done. The camera has to be up in your face (which is a problem for those who use a TV as a monitor) & lighting has to be perfect. Even if you have a good camera and perfect lighting it's still twitchy and inaccurate. It also eats up your CPU.

FreeTrack is pretty good to start out with if you're not sure about getting TIR5 because of its price or don't know whether you'll like head tracking or not. you do have to make your own IR light headset or buy one from Natural Point. Once again lighting conditions have to be perfect. You cannot have any background light and the webcam has to be in your face if you expect it to be accurate. You have to keep messing with the Camera and software settings to get the best results, and for me that took quite awhile. I also had a problem where the webcam settings would not stay where it was, I had to keep putting the settings back where they were after each session.It also cannot handle rapid movements, if you move your head too fast you'll lose "signal"

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