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I have repeatedly warned people about global warming and the need for the world and especially the United states to take steps to halt this process. The U.S. has set all-time high temperature records and this is only the beginning of our summer. Does anyone need additional proof that global warming is real? As the world's greatest consumer of resources it is our duty and responsibility to lead the way to a greener, a cleaner and a cooler earth.



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Please, Rota-whatever, take your self-righteous, kookie, juvenile, statements to some other site that appreciates them, will you? If you haven't noticed, this is called "COMBAT-Sim" which means we enjoy banging heads and kicking the butts of those that offend us, or our country, and don't really get too excited about whiny statements about the environment, etc, etc. Go away and save a snail darter, or something, OK?

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Classic Carlin! Not only was he a comedic genius, but he was also highly intelligent.

By the way, Rottenbagel, have you and your kind ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the heat on the earth is due to this thing called the sun? Yeah, look it up, we are having a peak year of solar activity.


And the story is even hosted by CBS, one of the great proponents of "global warming". Get a clue, then get a life.

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For a little different point of view Rotatiga, check out this study http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate1589.html Notice something odd about it? It's written by actual scientists doing actual science stuff, not an "environmental correspondent" with no actual science background.

If I may make a suggestion, look at the source of the info you're reading along with what your being told.You learn a lot more when you ask questions than just accepting what's put in front of you.

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