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EA-6B Superpack Released

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After a lot of hard work and constraints on my free time, I have finally released the EA-6B Prowler Superpack for the Strike Fighters 2 series. The EA-6B superpack includes six prowler variants, from the original EA-6B that flew in the late Vietnam War all the way to the ICAP III model, which is the most current variant.

The EA-6B Superpack is an add-on to the A-6 Superpack, and requires that version 1.51 of the A-6 Superpack (also just released) be installed.

Here are some screenshots to tie you over:

Here's an original EA-6B (circa 1971) from the VAQ-132 Scorpions. VAQ-131 and VAQ-132 were the first squadrons to get the Prowler, and both squadrons participated in Linebacker II near the end of the Vietnam War.

The EXpanded CAPability (EXCAP) Prowler followed in 1973. Here are a couple of shots of EXCAP birds from VAQ-133:
You'll notice the cross on the radome on the picture above. The prowlers were marked on the nose so that the Landing Signal Officers (LSOs) on the carrier could visually differentiate the Prowler from its lighter Intruder cousin. People are most familiar with the radiation logo on the radome of the Prowler. The radar isn't any more dangerous than the Intruder radar; this is just the same type of visual marking.
The above pic is also an EXCAP bird, albeit one that remained operational in 1981 when the Navy switched over to low visibility color schemes. The following pic is another example of the original LV paint scheme, which was replaced in 1983 by the Ghost Grey schemes we have today.

And of course, a ghost grey scheme. This is another Prowler from VAQ-132, although much more modern (ICAP II Block 86/89) than the previous pics.

Notably, the Improved CAPability (ICAP) was the first time the U.S. Marine Corps started flying the prowler (the EA-6A Electric Intruder was their EW platform of choice until then). Here's an ICAP bird from the VMAQ-2 Playboys (renamed the Death Jesters in the 90s when the Playboy Bunny was considered too politically incorrect for people whose job it is to kill other people and break their things).

The ICAP I was followed in 1984 by the ICAP II Block 82, which was a major upgrade in the EW suite and also allowed the Prowler to carry the AGM-88 HARM series of missiles. The ICAP II Block 86/89 further increased the jamming capability of the Prowler. Here's a pic of a Prowler from VAQ-139.

Finally, the ICAP III was put out to the Fleet in 2003, and I saved the CAG and Show birds for last. All of the following pics are of ICAP III birds (though to clarify, not all ICAP IIIs are CAG birds, and CAG birds also exist for earlier variants as well).


VAQ-140 (my old favorite)

VMAQ-1 (my new favorite)

The EA-6B Superpack requires Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic. The A-6 Superpack and the EA-6B Superpack are both available for download at Combat Ace.

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How about some shots of them getting dirty? ;)

You may not realize it, but in every screenshot the Prowlers are jamming every Euro-Tech radio station in Northern Germany. :icon_rock:

Or did you mean the skin? That's one Photoshop skill I haven't developed.

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The pack is a series of generic skins with decals so you could replicate an entire squadron.  You could use MODEX 606 with VAQ-136, though it would most certainly be a different BuNo because I didn't include BuNos that were involved in fatalities.  Having lost a couple of friends in Prowlers, keeping those BuNos out of my skin pack recognizes that sensitivity.

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