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EF2000 & EF2000 V2.0 (Perminant Download Links)

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I will post stuff about myself and thoughts about this wonderfull EF2000 flight sim later.

For now I wanted to let people know I am currently uploading an exact and orignal CD copy of both EF2000 and EF2000 V2.0 for those who don't have it. These are in bin/cue format. Their is a reason this. Both CD are multi-tracks and bin/cue handles this better than ISO, in my opinion. None the less, these files are on my personal server. Free to download for anyone who wishes to enjoy this wonderfull and awsome flight sim. Yes, even in the year 2012 and beyone it will always be awsome.

I bought EF2000. Back in the day, the original programmers mailed me a copy of the EF2000 V2.0, which I thought was so cool, because they didn't require me to pay for an upgrade.

As soon as my website is relaunched, I will have a special dedicated section for the EF2000 inlcuding every file, forum, website etc.. I could ever possibly find on the internet so you want have to spend hours searching.


EF2000 CD

EF2000 2.0 CD

[link removed by Admin]

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While I share your opinion of EF2000, my feeling is that you shouldn't post a direct link to the download here as this isn't an 'abandonware' site.

Please get some input from the site's owner "The Dude" about the legal implications before you do.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear your thoughts about EF2000. :thumbsup:

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Hello vynum

Thanks very much for the contribution.

The links on your page seems to return an error instead of files for me at least.

Right click returns approximately 'Unable to open this website, Place not available or can not be found. Try again later'.

Left click returns the following error message error message and I can not get around it :


You don't have permission to access /ef2000/EF2000 V2.0 Original CD/EF2000_V2.0.BIN on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

- Are the files on the server yet?

- Could there be a problem with spaces or the path to the files?

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Tecnically this is piracy because they are old games but legally distributed , so if so meone tell me those are no problem i can handle a perfect copy of EF 2000v 2.0.
In Fact i do have the original ADF F22 and RSO F22 too.
So, first in first.
You guys give me a OK and my idea is permanently Torrent then ! Better than that give me a OK from DID guys and i wil make it.

Expecting this will be received idea. i believe, i will do it for TAW - EF 2000 - EF 2000 v2.0 and similar projects.

But Hand me the permissions if possible oficial first !
We can have chat on Team Speack official channel for TAW project weekend flights !

Going to hold talks with homefries and nephillim and adv users about !

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You will notice that the site owner (The Dude) has removed the links from the initial posts, and that this was done two years ago. That should tell you that pirate links or illegal Torrents are not welcome here. EF2000 Reloaded requires an existing install of EF2000 in order to run properly, but I would not post any links (other than where to legally purchase) without consulting The Dude first.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

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