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Interpretation of SSD files


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On 4/22/2018 at 11:24 PM, DrKevDog said:

I don't know if you received the updated

TFXplorer so I decided to look at what I do have that might be of some benefit.


No he didn’t 😞 I didn’t find any time, and I’m sooo sorry about that. My new job has given me so much inspiration (e.g. about connecting Python with a C++ product, something I’m very keen on doing in TFXplorer just for Mike’s joy!) but it’ll also keep me busy for some more weeks.


On 4/23/2018 at 4:00 PM, mikew said:

Awesome work enabling the EF2000 debug info. 🎆


Absolutely agreeing here! Such impressive work by both of you!

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C++/Python is a good combination I think.

I recently dug out your dll code from 2013 while playing around with ssd construction. I managed to compile a 64 bit version using VS2015 in order for it to work with 64 bit Python.

It felt like I knew what I was doing for a while. :rofl:

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I’m incredibly glad to hear that! 90 % of C++ projects don’t compile after a few years due to missing dependencies and compiler changes. Seems like my decision to rely on nothing but WinAPI and DirectX paid off, at least for this small DLL project :)


(Talking about compiler changes: Lean Viewer now compiles with Clang. Still way to go with TFXplorer, but it’s a good start for platform independence.)

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Congratulations on your Clang success. :thumbsup:

I'm not sure what the advantage with Clang is though. You may be able to remove things like 'If Win32 then {do something}' from your C++ code, but won't some process further downstream have to deal with this instead?

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The advantage with Clang is, many platforms (all but Windows and Windows Phone?) have no Microsoft compiler at all. So if you want to run TFXplorer on Android, Linux, MacOS – you better have it compile fine with Clang/GCC!


Yes, somewhere downstream I have to deal with Linux file* instead of Win32 HANDLE sooner or later. But it’s just an isolated point. Of course I could develop it with standard C FILE*, which compiles everywhere – but then advantages like SIMD and file mapping would vanish.

The next step towards multi-platform is a Vulkan renderer. But I digress – we agreed to do other things first :)

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