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Anyone have GTR?

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If you aren't familiar with it yet, it is a ETO racing game...FIA GTR series that takes place on big name european tracks. This is the first racing sim I've played (aside from Gran Tourismo 3 on PS2, which doesn't really count), but it is damn impressive to me with a FF wheel. Supposedly the game engine has suspension links actually modeled so the car reacts realistically to bumps and weight shifts and feels more real. Decent AI too that actually makes mistakes and waits until you make a mistake before putting a move on you.

Supposed to support the 6doF trackIR hardware, though only in the retail game, which I don't have yet.

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The one I'm talking about is here: http://www.10tacle.com/gtr-game/en/index.php?Homepage

Its a stand alone new game. Still not out in US markets, but is for the UK and other parts of Europe.

There is a demo here: http://gamershell.com/download_8298.shtml

(there is also a downloads page off of that first link that has a couple mirror sites for the demo)

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for N2K3, but no luck finding it yet. May have to try ebay/amazon here soon.

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