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Some questions and comments about ArmA2OA


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1. Looks like this ArmA forum is not available for viewing by all. :o

2. The Arm2OA manual is crap! It assumes to much. Did I know about the W, A, S, D usage? Well I did but but come on! It assumes to much. There's not a list of key commands just the keyboard graphic. And as for selecting weapons and ammunition ......... Its ok if you've play this type of game elsewhere but that's not the point.

3. I can't find how to lower my pistol when addressing the Drill Sargent. I have him targeted right between the eyes! :rofl:

4. I know, I know, RTFM I here you say. Well that's quickly done. I'm now going to read the ArmA2 manual. At least its thicker.

5. And as for including the Expansions. :rolleyes: You need to be a wizard in computing to do that without help. :angry:


How do you access your Diary?

How do you access your Armory?


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Wow! The guy who thought LotRO was too violent is all in for ArmA. :icon_rock:

Irony, thy name is Wombat! :rofl:

I just shoot my first bloke. :( And then I had to go in and finish him off. I felt sick ........ :unsure:

Well ...... I trying it anyway. It's what others are playing. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. ;)

Maybe ...............

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