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WingNuts I got a Lead on a Cougar..

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Hey Wingnuts,

I may have found you a Cougar HOTAS.. I am in contact with the guy at Viperpits.com and I had asked him the condition and prive he wants for the Cougar are you still looking and when I get the info and tell you the price and all is it ok to share your email with him??

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well turns out the guy is from England so let me know shipping for this thing is gonna be expensive let alone as much as he wants for it..

here is the email i recieved from him:

Hi Nephilim,

The Cougar is in excellent condition, no real marks or scratches. About a year ago I fitted a new micro stick and iirc also new pots. In any case, the pots should be ok. It comes with the original box and also some fury dust covers. If I can find it, I'll also include a spare working micro stick. It is a stock Cougar, no mods.

I'd like £225 (GBP) + shipping. Buyer pays PayPal fees.

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