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Harpoon 3 scenarios for the HUD-4


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I've never thought it was anyone's job to test my scenarios, but Harpoon is a community (at least, the Harpooners I know feel that way). We talk to each other. We help each other out. We share ideas and techniques.

You say one thing but then immediately do the opposite. You claim that it isn't the players' job to test your scenario, then continue to put out scenarios that you do not test yourself and then encourage anyone gullible enough to try them to report problems. Problems are found (glaring ones, not spelling mistakes) and reported along with suggested corrective actions, you immediately ignore them, and ask for 'more folks to try the scenario.' That ongoing callous disregard for the time and effort of anyone willing to try your scenarios is abundantly clear throughout this thread.

You have no intention of ever fixing your scenarios. You simply seek adulation, high-fives, and handjobs. Since all you want are gushing remarks, you should just say so and then simply tell us what our opinions are so that we can repeat it back to you verbatim; that's the way things are done within the little in-bred 'community' at HarpGamer so I can see why you would think the same would happen here. Luckily, this is the real world and everyone is free to their own opinion.

For example, I'm not a database editor. I have no official connection to Harpoon. I'm just another player. It's not my job to help, either, but I like Harpoon, and I do not mind helping out when I can by writing scenarios, reporting any bugs I catch, etc. It's just not a big deal to me. And I do test my scenarios, but I know that with something as complex as Harpoon that I might miss something, so I try not to get upset if someone finds a bug or an error that I missed. I report it and do whatever else I can to solve the problem. It's not my job. I just do it because I like to.

It's pretty obvious that your testing is either superficial or totally absent. The HUD database bugs being reported aren't grammatical typos as they often prevent a player from ever completing a scenario. They are THAT serious. It isn't just the matter of encountering bugs. Everyone can accidentally release a scenario with errors. However, your conduct towards bug reports can only be described as egregious and reprehensible. Instead of just Fixing the Damn Bugs and carrying onwards, all manner of speculation and excuse is offered:

i.e. "Maybe the bug is deliberate game behaviour?

If a weapon doesn't work, find another that does.

It will be fixed in the future."

This litany of excuses is proffered instead of just Fixing the Damn Bugs, an action which is fully within your control.

If you feel that playing my scenarios is a waste of your time...you know, you don't have to play them. You've made it clear that you don't like the HUD-4 and you've said you aren't interested in helping improve it. Frankly, it seems a little silly for you to keep playing my scenarios if you're only doing it to see how soon you can quit.

Hubris was mentioned earlier in this thread and it appears, once again. You feel that these messages are intended solely for your personal benefit and nothing could be further from the truth. If you care to use them to fix your scenarios, that is fine. However, their primary intent is to warn unsuspecting players of the incredible bugginess in the HUD and its scenarios.

A player might start one of your scenarios, spend an hour or two planning and preparing his attack, and then run the game only to find that when his bombers arrive over the targe, his weapons will not launch! He climbs and dives desperately trying to find some way to release his ordnance all the while the AI is slaughtering him. After hours have been wasted, he ends the session in frustration. Who does he ask to explain this stuff? He might ask you, but he more likely asks me. In order to provide the best assistance possible, I need to know what he is talking about so I hold my nose and run the HUD scenarios. My greatest fear is that he might try an HUD scenario and think that all databases and scenarios are as buggy and unplayable.

The only reason the HUD4 doctrine of "Run to the First Bug" was developed was because I was one of the idiots who wasted hours trying to get a scenario to perform. Facing the HUD ordeal once is enough to justify such extreme measures.

I'd like to get back to some real content here. Has anyone had a chance to play the whole scenario? If so, what did you think? Did you like the concept? How challenging was it? What could be done to make future scenarios better and more interesting?

Since I have not told you what want to hear, I suspect that you will follow your usual routine and throw a tantrum then claim that you have somehow been insulted before retreating back to HarpGamer so that you can speak badly about me and others. Here's some real content for you: fix your scenarios and someone might try them. You've been on every forum begging for someone to try your scenarios as if there was a 'right answer'. The only response you get is the typical handjob from the usual suspects (many of whom don't even play Harpoon!)

It is funny to note that every HUD author feels the need to go around begging for someone to try their database or scenarios. You are not the first. There was Buckley, Ralf, and now you. All went begging hat-in-hand for players only to be ignored. On the other hand, no PlayersDB author has ever felt the need to beg for users. We just make our stuff work and trust that the community will recognize the difference. Over 7 million scenario downloads to date far means that we are on the right track. So, I'll say it again: make your stuff work and someone might try it.

At this time:

1) None of the reported database bugs have been corrected within the HUD4 database.

2) Every HUD scenario is afflicted and none of the reported database bugs have been corrected for any of the associated scenarios.

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I tip my hat to you, sir. If someone spoke to me like Herman Hum did to you, I'm not so sure I would've remained so polite.

To Herman Hum,

If you want to hurl invectives at the people who come to this forum only to share their enthusiasm for combat simulations, that is your inalienable right, but it is not your right to do it here, on my forum.

I don't care if the scenarios referred to by Mgellis are (or are not) buggy, or if the creators of those scenarios are (or are not) addressing valid bug reports, or if the HarpGamer folks "speak badly about [you]", I will not condone you, or anyone else, making slanderous accusations of others as being "dishonest", "lazy" and "inbred," or use vulgar insults such as "handjobs" and "oral copulation" in order to make your case.

If you want to characterize me as just another "scumbag forum administrator," be my guest, but again, as I said above, do so on your own forum.

Consider this your first and last warning on this. If it happens again, I will freeze your account and ask you to find a new venue in which to share your love of combat simulations.

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Four new scenarios for H3/ANW using the HUD-4 database (the newest version was released on Harpgamer on Jan. 27 2013...various updates and bug fixes included) have been posted...





They're all set during the Cold War. Enjoy!

(Feedback is welcome. Please post After Action Reports, reviews, comments, etc. on this forum or join Harpgamer at http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/ and post them there. Or do both. If you find any database or game engine issues, however, please post them on Harpgamer so that Gunny, the database editor, will see your comments and can address the issues. Thanks!)

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The newest version of the HUD-4 database is now available...


Gunny is in the process of converting the data to new standards. The new update also includes some bug fixes.

(Feedback on the HUD-4 is welcome, but if you find any database or game engine issues, please post them on Harpgamer so that Gunny, the database editor, will see your comments and can address the issues. Thanks!)

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Just posted my eighth ANW/HUD-4 scenario of the year...


It is 1983 and the world is at war. A German task force must eliminate Soviet submarines in the North Sea.

(This is a fairly simple scenario, but it turned out to be pretty challenging, I think. Because it is only four ships hunting a small group of submarines, with support from a couple of British Nimrods, it might be a good introductory scenario for people who have played Harpoon Classic but who want to try out H3.)

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A new scenario is available for Harpoon 3 ANW, using the HUD-4 database...


Archerfish Quartet (1983). This is a straightforward Cold War submarine duel...it is 1983, in the early days of World War III, and a squadron of American submarines must find and destroy a squadron of Soviet ballistic missile submarines before they can escape into the Atlantic Ocean.


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The newest update to the HUD-4 is now available...


It continues Gunny's process of updating the data in the database, fixing bugs (while a couple of really stubborn ones remain, they've virtually all been squashed at this point), etc.

There are a number of very good third party databases available for Harpoon ANW, but the HUD-4 is the official one.

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Finally finished Western Lemur (2018), my newest Harpoon scenario (#14 for 2013)...


The E.U. vs. rebels in Madagascar. It's tougher than it sounds because the rebels have a lot of very basic AAA and if you lose too many aircraft, you lose the scenario, even if you manage to destroy the mission objectives.


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My fifteenth scenario of 2013...

It is 1996 and a civil war is raging in the Gambia. The E.U. is concerned that the rebels have committed war crimes and have decided to assist the Gambian government. They must destroy a bridge near the city of Banjul and take out rebel forces in and around the country's only airport. They also have to do this without blowing up any schools, or the American embassy, by accident.

(This is another scenario where you need to take out ground targets with limited air assets, but don't forget you have some nice artillery on a couple of your ships.)


I hope people enjoy it. I also hope more people will write new scenarios for Harpoon ANW themselves.

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