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Jimmy Murphy Joins the Navy

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Hey all,

On Friday my nephew, Jimmy Murphy, graduated from US Navy boot camp at Naval Station Great Lakes in Waukeegan, Illinois, and I was privileged to be there.


This is Division 344, Jimmy's outfit. They finished at the top of their entire class. Shortly, this precise military formation would be overwhelmed by a tidal wave of 80 squealing mothers crashing from the grandstand and bearing down on their babies like matriarchal guided missiles . The Attack of the Moms was awesome to behold.


Mom and her new sailor. I don't think she let go of the kid for a full fifteen minutes. I was suffering from allergies, myself, so my vision got kind of misty.


Relaxing at a Chicago watering hole. Even though he's survived eight grueling weeks of training, Jimmy's still too young to drink. Left to right, sister Bailey Murphy (sophomore at Texas A&M University), Jimmy, and mother Anita Murphy (Sis is a nurse).

Now Jimmy's off to Pensacola, Florida, for A School, where he'll train as an aircraft technician. Bravo Zulu. sailor!

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Congrats, sailor! Seeing that pic of their Graduation took me back a couple of years to my own Passing Out Parade in the RAF, back in 19**. Same looking hangar, same eager fresh faces all looking to make their mark! Young 'uns, don't ya' love 'em?

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Congrats to Jimmy!

It's sad, you can smoke, you can vote, you can own a firearm, you can drive any vehicle or fly an aircraft, you can go off to war and die for your country, but you can't even sip a beer. Just doesn't make sense.

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