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Brevity Codes

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GunBandit has started a Brevity Code of the Day post at the BMS forums in which a brevity code is posted and discussed each day. Just the first word has launched some good discussion, and this might help people unfamiliar with some of the code words become familiar with their meaning and context.

EDIT: For TAW 2.0 users, you can also reference (non-brevity meaning) the Multiservice Brevity Codes PDF in the References section of the TAW Launcher.

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I say we start to learn some more just because it sounds cool and is more professional.. I was reading some interesting stuff..We should implement in our TAW sessions..

I fully agree. :thumbsup:

There are times I get quite lost in MP TAW missions when you and HF use them. HF is really good at them in a flight (please understand I'm being complimentary here) and I feel my feeble non-correct responses very inappropriate and embarrassing. I know you both say "what I say doesn't" matter" but it does. It detracts from the game play. I love the involvement. I become fully immersed. I get sweaty palms. :lol: I become totally focused, which is great for me regarding my health issues: it excludes other thoughts. How much better if I could give the correct brevity response to "Push 2, manual EMCON 2" rather than some made-up-thing which is possibly unintelligible. I love my load/startup (not ramp start)/taxi/take-off pre-flight check list and I'm grateful my lead is giving me time to follow it. It all adds to the gameplay realism and the correct use of brevity codes would enhance it even further for me. I'm start our own brevity code thread here. Not too many to quickly. One a day sounds great. :icon_rock:

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Wombat, you're just fine. The purpose of brevity is to communicate the message in as short amout of time as possible, so communicating comes first. The codes you can pick up by reading the guide included in TAW and ask if you have a question (though it is obviously better to bring up a discussion point while transiting rather than at the merge).

Less common codes I tend to use in TAW include (in no particular order):

  • Skosh-out of Active Air to Air missiles (e.g. AMRAAMs). Note this is different from...
  • Winchester - out of ordinance (save cannon).
  • Raygun (not so much in TAW, but in Falcon) - Informative call that I am locking someone up with AA radar. I should expect to hear a "buddy spike" in response if I lock a friendly.
  • Crank(ing) - Turning to put the radar contact on the gimbal limits of the radar. This is a F-Pole maneuver to minimize closure rate to the target after launching a missile. Not to be confused with...
  • Notch(ing) - Defensive move to put an inbound missile on the aircraft beam.
  • Gorilla - as it sounds. A boatload of aircraft that you would want to take on as much as you would wish to take on that 800lb gorilla.
  • Nails - RWR search radar, differs from
  • Spike - RWR tracking radar (or launch/FC).
  • Tied - Radar contact with lead aircraft
  • Clean - No radar contacts of factor
  • Naked - No RWR indications

I didn't include things like Fox, Rifle, Bingo, etc. because I'd be here all night.

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Brevity Code is just a matter to memorize and practice. The real matter in my opinion is to memorize ... It is necessary to worl and work hard. But once you have done , you are the Captain in the sky eheh :-)

Ye ....... and they're so nice to use ........ "Going Defensive!" :icon_rock:

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