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The Black Veal Squadron flies again

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The AJS-37 Viggen is now available in the classic Holstein colors, this time with a wraparound pattern.  H/T Joey45 for the camo pattern.



By request, I broke from the bold and colorful "tactics be damned" theme and created two tactical schemes.  Both schemes are 3-tone non-wraparound.  Here's Krusty's ride in the longhorn scheme:


And the Bazadaize scheme


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Some action shots:

Here you can see the wraparound pattern on the classic Holstein skin.  The center pylon and fuel tank matches the black wraparound.







And the Bazadaize pattern...



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Wonderful! I thought initially that Holstein makes a poor beef cow, but i've since found out that Holstein bullls aren't very productive when it comes to milk, hence their use for veal. Combatsim rocks as an educational tool! ;)

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Nice.  I didn't know that about Holsteins either.  I just wish Gateway computers was still around.  They used to ship their PCs in boxes with a Holstein pattern, and they could sponsor us if they were still around.  :lol:

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