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Anyone up for a MP spin in GPL?

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guys I have the old GPL on CD! can you advise an update to get it running openGL? it wants to run "glide" but that is old RedBaronII era 3d acelleration and ain't workin with my 6600GT. Right now it only software renders and looks really ugly

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Just missed you by 7 minutes. I got the server stuff figured out. I posted a race on WinVROC with my server pc and then joined it on my other. Everything seemed to work fine. I hope you don't mind me calling the server Combatsim. server. Thought it would make it easier for the guys to find. I passsworded it with the old one we used with Stags games. Yep........... thats the one!

I will be on standby for awhile and see if you show back up.

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Old Fox........... errrrr, I mean Baltar ;)

Download the demo. Much easier to do than having to patch the full game. Then just transfer your other tracks to the demo. Walla!!

Your ready to go. If you want to race online with us, get the WinVROC program and install it. You should be ready to rock. I think we are going to have a ball with this sim. It won't take the place of PF but it provides a nice change of pace.

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Yes I have the demo but it seems to have only worked once for me! Ever since then the text does not show and I get major flickering screens. The race will run but the shell aspect of the game is messed up. I'll try reinstalling. Maybe installing the original to get at the tracks messed it up. They use different directories so I didn't expect it.

Maybe I'll be sorted next time you race! It is a cool game

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Ok guys I figured it out. After I reinstalled, I was setting up the graphics options and noticed that last time I switched from direct x to openGL and it never worked again! so I left that alone and it is fine ha ha. Glad it is "fixed".

Wow, for an old game it is pretty cool. The original tracks I imported are a bit bland but the demo track is decent. But I can live with the modest graphics when it runs this SMUVE! Excellent frame rates.

Well there don't seem to be any tire scrub sounds but given how nutty loud those engines are I guess you wouldn't hear them anyway. The demo sounds are damn nice. I love the engine sounds.

The force feedback "feel" is very good too.

I am not competitive at all at full real settings how are you guys vs AI?

Also, the demo seems to patch the fictitious car brands to Cooper and Honda, will this still multiplay correctly?

The demo claims to be pretty much updated, any of you veteran racers of 1967 know any tweaks I should consider that it lacks?

Also does it support skining and can you edit the driver pictures?

Thanks for the Q&A in advance. You get another guy to race for your troubles!


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