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Dedicated server up and running

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I have loaded up a server at WinVROC with four tracks that will play over and over. I think Spa, Silverstone, Mosport, and Monza. These have 15 minute practice sessions and then an INT/Short race to follow. I will leave it going if anyone is interested.

The game is passworded so we don't have to worry about any griefers or unwanted guests. You can either PM me and I will send it to you or Doug, Geg, and Knuckles know it. It is the same password we used in all of our OFP outings.

Look for the server that says B. Brown and in the description says Combatsim.com server.

If anyone wants me to add tracks, let me know. I will be happy to oblige. B)

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If you can't get in the game it is only because a race is running. It blocks anyone from joining once the race has started. There also seems to be a big pause inbetween practice and the actual race starting. Might be some tweaks I am not aware of. Neddie might be able to clue us in on them.

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Well! I just ran a 5 lap race at Spa. Had an amazing quailfying lap in an Eagle at 3:23:55. That might be a personal record, but I'm not sure (I'll have to fire up my original install of the game to check).

Race was not one of my best performances, however. Spun out on the final lap and rolled my car. D'oh!!!!!!

My neck muscles are killing me.

I forgot to log into TS before the race. Guess'll poke my head in there now to see what's up.


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Ow! Sore joints after that! Really an on edge race for me. Dunno bout you Doug :D

Started out well into 5th then slowly dropped down to 8th and spent the rest of the race looking over my shoulde rin fear of losingmy first ever top ten finish :rolleyes:

Hope to do more races with y'all soon ;)

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