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I downloaded some car setups from those that know what they are doing and you can really tell the difference even though my driving does not show it. :P

Go here for some great car setups from Eagle Lady. The gears are set to give you max. shifting around the individual tracks.

Go to downloads, setups, and then x-files. Just try them and see what you think. You can always delete them if they don't help. I got much more acceleration than with the stock setups.

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Sets always work if you can find some that work for you. go to setupguru.com they have some too, and they do excellant work. I use some of their stuff in N2K3. When I first started racing I was lost on sets, so I found some sheets that helped me understand what to change once I figured out what the car was doing, that is a big thing.

Is it pushing in the corner or are you over driving the corner? Sometimes can be very hard to figure out. Also a lot of time a small tire PSI change can make all the differant in the world as well.

Setting up a car for speed and comfort is indeed a black art.

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