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Wombat joins Arma2 - OA


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I've had to re-install Arma2-CO.

1. I'm getting this error message. Why?

Edit: Fixed

2. I've put the Addons (@ Folders) into the Arma 2 folder but don't see them installed here. Why?

Edit: Fixed



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Sorry boys. Felt like a bit of a loose cannon tonight. :( Too busy looking at the wrong things, being too easily detected, not being careful enough when moving about, etc. One moment I'm targetting shilkas, then choppers, sometimes my own side, etc. And its no good for the success of the mission. However I'm working on it. I'll get there. ;)

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Well ..... despite what I've said previously ....... I think its time we seek a little help from others to rescue the hostage. I hear an increased level of frustration being shown by us all due to our lack of success. In my case, I don't think our direct approach is working. Particularly when you've got me bluddering around with a big risk of being detected. :blush: I'm certainly going to remain undetected as long as I can in future, even if it means staying in the Hospital Tent or maybe even on the Carrier. ;) The Mission Builder has assigned specific capibilities for each of the marines and advises the importance of their roles, weapons, eqipments, etc, here Even if we vary those roles we should at least not duplicate them unnecessarily. [eg. 3 of us, the other night, trying to take out the choppers; me bluddering off to the South without even advising the same].

I think we should have an initial strategy: to remain undetect for as long as we can. That will be hard for me of course, but I have to learn. If detected ...... sorry ...... once detected, OK ......... a new strategy, but we are giving up a valuable asset if we don't remain undetected for as long as we can. I'll have no problem as I'll stay on the Carrier helping to keep the beer cold. :lol:

The second thing is to work out what we're going to do while we're undetected, but I'll leave that for others to determine. I'm more than happy someone else picks my character, and defines my primary and secondary roles.

In preparation for that character, I now intend to train up for each of them now.

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Well at least I got through and passed the fence this time And had good initial cover behind that shed. But I needed somebody to act as a spotter for me so I would know what was coming and from where. Then I could manouver out of sight, which is not impossible to do. Our Sat. Camera Marine would have been perfect.


EDIT: Actually I was the Sat Cam. Marine in this instance and just look at them swarming well after I was detected! (The little white dots).


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Well done to the all conquering team for rescuing the hostile.






and (Neph? please add the name, its someone I don't know and I don't want to get it wrong).

What a great achievement. :thumbsup:

The Major General (Battie) has been advised. :icon_salute3:

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Hope it's all in the good, shiny side of life. :thumbsup:

Unfortunately not. Best mate of 45 years only days to live. :( However, its inevitable for us all eventually, but so unexpected for this bloke who kept himself so fit. He wasn't young but he was going to out live me by 20 years. We always said " No body will be around for your funeral John!". ;) You just never know do you. :shrug:

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Thanks mate. Had some nice support from others through PM's. Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

On an Arma2 matter: Can you disable "Autosave"?

It just comes up at the wrong time sometimes. :grrr: I'd rather decide myself when and where to save.

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Original query: I cannot load the Single Player Armory option from within Arma2-OA.

When loading, it just stalls and locks while loading with a black screen and the accompanying loading bar at about 50% complete. I am running Arma2-C0 fully patched, including numerous addons using XP. I have an identical install on another PC using Win8 which has no problems loading the Armory option.

Is it a matter of re-installing sad.gif and if so, do I have to re-install the complete Arma2-CO (ie. Arma2 and Arma2-OA, patches, addons, etc)?

Wombat, run it in multiplayer. Set it up as LAN, player count is up to you, join as you would with us and it should work.


Thanks Wingie, but I don't think I can access the "Armory Option" from within Multiplay? :huh:

EDIT: Oh!!!!! I think you maybe mean this, which I've just found.


Its loads just fine so I'll give it a go! Thanks mate. :thumbsup:

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