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AAR for Pacific War 2 – Intruders


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Pacific War 2 – Intruders

Scenario by JSF/Ralf

Harpoon ANW; HUD-4 v1.11

AAR by Mark Gellis

Link: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/files/file/791-pacific-war-2-intruders/

I must guard the Japanese “carrier” Hyuga from Chinese submarines.

The scenario begins at 13:00 Zulu, 15 August, 2013.

13:04. In the first four minutes, four submarines have appeared near my task force. I am going to try to move my task force away (to the east and then the north) to put some distance between myself and then. I am also launching a Seahawk-J to see if I can get more information.

13.06. A fifth sub spotted. How did they all get this close!?

13.07. Torpedo contact!

13:10. A Chinese plane has appeared, a Yun-8X, but it got too close and a Sea Sparrow took it down.

13:12. Contact G103 is a biological. So is contact G102 and G108. Two other contacts are submarines, identified as Chinese Kilos. I’m sending helicopters, changing course (north by northwest) and going to flank speed.

13:21. There is Han right ahead of me. There’s got to be nearly ten subs and/or whales in the water around me! Changing course again and launching another helicopter.

13:28. I’m getting some information on another submarine…it is an American Seawolf and it is firing on…well, I hope it’s not me.

13:55. Launching my last two helicopters. The rest are out of torpedoes and must reload. I’m not sure if I got any of the Chinese submarines yet but none of their torpedoes have gotten me so at least I’m not losing. Yet.

14:07. Changing course again. Now heading east once more, staying in the assigned patrol zone. (I think that’s what it is…it is marked with reference points.)

14:25. Got one of the Kilos. I may have gotten both…the other one has disappeared.

14:36. Something got hit. I don’t know what. But I heard the explosion. Lining up one of the Hans between two choppers…I’ll pinch him between two torpedoes.

14:43. Launching torpedoes at the Han.

14:45. The Han took a hit but is still “visible” on sonar. Is he sinking?

15:16. I’m getting torpedo contacts but they don’t seem anywhere near me.

15:26. Launching another helicopter to see if I can kill the other Han.

15:32. Victory conditions achieved. It says four Chinese subs got whacked (I think I got two of them. It also says a Russian submarine got killed and two whales. Poor whales! The Russian Sub and the Seawolf may have gotten the other Chinese subs.)

Overall assessment: This is a nice, tense little scenario.

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