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Aries Wings Airborne Radio

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I just came across this, and this looks very promising for multiplayer possibilities.


The Airborne Radio TS3 plugin is already available for free download, and it allows realistic frequency-based communication (i.e. you have to be on the same frequency to hear each other) like TARS, but also has a plug-in that makes it compatible with FC3 and Combined Arms (which don't have selectable radio frequencies in the module). You can either set your frequency in-game, or by using a pop-up radio stack (for FC3/CA). Additionally, you can take screenshots of your MFD as long as you export it, so you could pass recon photos with your TGP.

But this is appears to be only the beginning!

Looking at the other modules in development on the website, we could have folks as ATC and AWACS/GCI, allowing for some very cool scenarios. There's also a briefing utility in development that will apparently allow coordination by allowing people to annotate the image for mission planning purposes.

Right now this is just for DCS, but it looks as if it is being developed in the future as a cross-game or game-independent program. I haven't tried this out yet, but so far the only hitch appears to be that DCS cannot be run in fullscreen mode because of the pop-up window for the frequencies available in FC3 and CA. They're looking at "fixing" this for A-10/KA-50 users (where the pop-up window isn't necessary), but it's still a constraint at this time.

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