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Hey All,

I, am going to demonstrate in this Tutorial how to drop a LGB ( Laser Guided Bomb).. Now you can practise in a Custom Combat mission, all you need to do is pick Ground and then select a tank or something that will not shoot you like a truck or something benine..

Set the Distance of your plane to Long and alltitude to High.. Once the mission starts you should be in the Air and some distance from a Town Directly in Front of you..

IF you want you can select Pause (ONLY In this Instance) just to get your MFD's all setup then once you have that Unpuase the Simulation and first thing to do is to set your desired speed 400 and alttitude to 13K. For a LGB Bombing run Optinal Speed is 350 min to 450 MAX..

So, once you do that and if you are positive you are flying straight and level now Switch from Slaved mode to FREE then go into the MFD with KeyPress 3.. Now you should already have your LANTRIN Switched on when you Quickly Paused the sim to set up your Cockpit.. Now what you need to do is first make sure you scroll the LANTRIN Down some so you can get the Town into view you may need to fly a bit to get out of the Fog..

Now at this point you will need to adjust the Waypoint with the Waypoint Editor.. Hopefully you know how to do this. Adjust WP 2 to more directly over the town to get accurate distance to target for Bomb release..

Since you are a long way from target you should be able to adjust the WP to over the town.. in a Real mission you will have target WP for distance target information..

Once, you have the Town in sight you need to select your Target. In this case it is going to be a MultiStory Building as seen in the following pics.. I will show some Pics with a Brief Description for your viewing pleasure..

Here, you will want to line up with the Target WP in the Sim that is usually a Red Triangle (in Moving Map View) symbol on the WP Markers.. you should also see a X at the Target WP like So:



Once, you see the X in front of you line up with it flying straight at it. like the above pics..

Once you are doing that go to your MFD KP 3 like so to get a view in the LANTRIN, you should see the town after scrolling down like so:


Now Scroll Around and look for the Multi Story Office Building it look like this:


Once you have the Crosshairs over the target use your Mouse and press LT that will lock the Crosshairs over the target and you are almost there..

You can go back to your Cockpit and look for the Triangle in the HMD (Helmet Mounted Display) you should see this:


Note the Triangle that is the target you have locked in the LANTRIN. set your plane to fly towards and over it.. Make sure you are in EMCON 3 or better if any SAMS are in the AREA Make sure you are in EMCON 5.. Once lined up and if you set the WP in the Editor you will wait till you are 4nm from target WP. 4nm will be the max and 3-2nm the minimum for release at desired pre briefed speed of 350-450..

You will or may get several ques from Betty Please disregard and drop at specified Distances to target..

You then want to keep your Head Down in the KP 3 MFD and keep that crosshair over the target. IT will appear to move off site. Meaning it will not automatically lock the target you have to make minor adjustments to keep the crosshair over the target..

IF you did all correctly you should after some seconds get a impact like So:


IF you had a Hit Congratulations and that is the Procedure to drop a LGB on a Target.. Now you may practise you should have 3 more Bombs take out some more targets if you like..
IF you did miss you can fly away some distance from the target and reset your Approach.. Good thing is the target should still be locked up by your LANTRIN you just need to reset your approach to the Target area..

I, hope this works well and I explained it correctly. Senior Officers if you see any mis information Please PM or post here I will make an edit..

EDITED: From Wombat and Nephilims Observations revised a bit..

Well, if you hit your Target again I say Congratulations.. IF not Practice, Practice, Practice.. ;)


EDIT: I was informed that I should list the steps in order and number them. so here it is:

1. Before mission Start Review Target area with MIFS.. One should be familiar with the types and kinds of targets twithin the TAW World..And the threat they pose..

2. Once in the Pit set cockpit to your desired Preference.. I prefer the LANTRIN and the Weapon Image in the up front display.. Alltitude to 13,000ft.. Speed 400knts..

3. Once at the IP line up with the Target Waypoint (this will be the Red Triangle mark on the moving map screen)..Then make sure flying straight and level speed 350 minimum and 450 max, and the Required Emcon setting..(Emcon setting to be established by the threats in the area. Minimal setting will be EMCON 3 to drop a LGB.)

3. Once the above paramters are established time to go head down in the LANTRIN.. Press KP 3.

4. Looking at the MFD you should be above the target area looking at the LANTRIN if you are pointed at the target Waypoint.. Scroll down with the LANTRIN to the target area. You should now see the Target area..

5. Once in the local area time to aquire the Target. in this case the Multi Story Office Building..Once aquired click on LT (LANTRIN Track). Also now is a good time to set LANTRIN FREE..

6. Now that you have aquired a Lock on the target time to line up.. You can now go to your Cockpit view and look for the Triangle with a circle around it . That is your Locked target, carefully line up with it as to pass directly overhead of it..

7. Continue flying towards the Locked target and wait till you are 5nm from target. also you will need to be in EMCON 3 or Above depending on Threats in the area. but at a minimum you Need to be in EMCON 3 to drop a LGB in TAW.. Once 4nm from Locked Target you can Pickle.. 4nm at 400knts is the max distance you want to be and I believe 2nm is as close as you would want to pickle the LGB..

8. Monitor the bomb Freefall in the upfront display. this should be set to WI (Weapon Image) once the glide path looks good go back to the LANTRIN Display KP3.. You will need to keep the Track Box over the target only minimal manipulation should be required to keep the track box over the target..

9. Watch the Countdown clock and wait for imapct.. Once you see imapct Congratulations you have achieved success..

10. If you had missed that is ok you should have 3 bombs left to try again.. Good thing the LANTRIN should still be locked to said target just swing around and try again..

11. Fly about 3-5nm away and turn back on the target area..

12. Rinse and repeat till you are succesfull. Now Eagle Flights rearm mod will come handy in this situation..that way all you do is rearm and carry on till you get it down pat..

Hopefully this will help in your learning of how to drop a LGB.. IF any clarification is required or the steps seem wrong Please feel free to voice your concerns..

Thank you and good luck.. Happy Hunting .. ;)

I made a Video Tutorial too.. Sometimes showing somebody helps as well:


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Excellent.... Thanks for taking the time Neph. What do you feel is a good run in altitude?

Don't wish to be a smart arse but 20000 ft. Why do a say that? Because I've just had 2 hours of GBU practice with Neph. Ye ..... I'm lucky I had the time which is not the same for everybody. Not only can I take our static targets, Neph's taught me how to laser target shilkas and SAMs and take them out with GBU's. I can now fly the race track (anti-clockwise today). It seems now so stupid and dangerous not to. I noted I have a bad habit of fly straight ahead with my nose down! How bad is that. Also when I want to do a horizontal turn I again drop the nose so that 20000ft very quickly became 13000ft and I become vulnerable to the shilkas. Neph set up a MP Custom combat "mission" very quickly for me to practice on. As a consequence GBU laser targeting has become one of my favourite A-G weapons. Can't believe I'm saying that ........

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This is probably not exactly the right place to talk about "other" weapon training experiences, but I don't want to start a new thread.

I've taken the opportunity to do Head to Head cannon with Neph. Its a bit demoralizing when you last about 20sec after merging (he gets you to fly away from each other for about 5 miles, I demanded 30000ft to stop me crashing into the ground, then turn to face each other and merge). Only after merging and gone passed each other does the contest begin. After getting shot down another 2 or 3 times (you stop getting embarrassed and your ego has totally gone), you become focused on learning the art of doing it. Your try and maintain a corner velocity of about 330knots (Raptor does it tightest turns at this speed) and switching between F1 (cockpit view with TrackIR in my case) and F2 (internal player to target view). The big one is F2. You keep the bastard in sight where ever he is that way. You need bloody good situation awareness and although in about 15 flights Neph shot me down every time (even when he ran out of fuel), my situation awareness became really good, even if I say so myself. I always felt I was in control and new where the nose of my aircraft was, I could pull the lift vector on to my target even if I couldn't hit it. I also now know how to work out which way the enemy was flying (ie. away from me of towards me) and how good is that!

I'm not telling you all this as a written presentation on how to successfully fly a Head to Head mission. No amount of words will do that. What I am saying, and if you have the time, go and do the real flight training I have just done. I can't say how much more confident I now feel when now in my 'pit.

Finally I got Neph to host and fly the mid-night mission "City 1 Yemen". Its a 2 man mission. The first half hour to hour there's nothing and then there's some very low level SAM evasion flying, followed by trying to knock a heap of SAM's including SAM17's and a load of shilkas. I had no trouble not only following directions (speed, altitude, stealth, bearing, etc) but I could actually do it as part of a cooperative two man team. Well almost ...... I was told to fly at 300ft but only managed 500ft. I'm sure my confidence was all due the previous GBU and Head to Head tutorial training. I got one SAM17, Neph got two ...... and then .............................. he got shot down! Sorry Neph, but you're human after all! :lol:

All I can say is that the opportunity is there for all of us and not just me. If you have the time I recommend you jump at it.

Thanks Neph, just fantastic mate! Our casual chatting away hours at TS3 are a thing of the past. I'll be hounding you into your 'pit as I hope many others will. :thumbsup:

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Excellent.... Thanks for taking the time Neph. What do you feel is a good run in altitude?

Well your Good above 20000ft..and if a shilka is in the area wise to stay high..

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Neph got two ...... and then .............................. he got shot down! Sorry Neph, but you're human after all! :lol:

Well that was just my human half..Remember a Nephilim is part angel ;)
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Hi All,

Made some minor edits per Wombats observations ;)

:thumbsup: If I might be so bold just just reinforce the ideal conditions with the tutorial. And I'm quoting from Neph's tutorial:

1. " ....... Optional Speed is 350 min to 450 MAX ........ "

2. " ....... 5nm will be the max and 3 the minimum for release ..... "

3. " ....... Altitude to 13,000ft ...... "

There are lots of other thing to remember like, must being in Emcon 3, and maintaining the lock on the target during bomb fall, etc, but you need do those anyway. They are fixed. Speed, distance and altitude are variables and we need to get then right or as close to right as possible.

Lastly, if you can get the target locked (or a lock to spot close to the target) your halfway there! As Neph says regarding a second bombing run " ......... Good thing is the target should still be locked up by your LANTRIN you just need to reset your approach to the Target area. ...... "

And how good it that. :lol:

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