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UH-1 2/17th Cavalry Vietnam Skin Pack

Home Fries

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I have just uploaded a skin pack for the 2/17th Cavalry (101st Airborne Div) to the DCS Repository and LOF. This will also be uploaded to Combat Ace once the file section is back up.

The pack includes five skins representing A, B, C, F, and Headquarters Troops. Note that the B Troop skin here differs from the skin in the UH-1 Medal of Honor skin pack, so with both skin packs you will have even more variety!

Here are some screenshots:






Enjoy, once the file is approved!

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It's definitely a UH-1, but there were a number of variants that were cycled through the Vietnam War (including the first two iterations of the AH-1 Cobra, which were essentially Hueys with liposuction :lol: ). The variant in DCS is the H, which saw its use in the latter half of the war. The pictures also show the gunships only, as when I did the screenshots there was no way to remove the hardpoints ("slick" configuration).

Interestingly enough, Mike, the Huey in that picture has a minigun for the door gunner (and the rear hardpoint too stow the minigun and place rockets if it were in use as a gunship) and the IR deflector on the exhaust that the earlier Hueys didn't use.

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