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EF2000 Reloaded

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The Air Dominance Project is proud to announce the release of

EF2000 Reloaded



Choose a Download Mirror (file size 64Mb):

EF2000_Reloaded_104_Installer.exe (Box.com)

EF2000_Reloaded_104_Installer.exe (MediaFire)

EF2000_Reloaded_104_Installer.exe (Google Drive)


The heart of EF2000 Reloaded is a special version of DOSBox written by our own mikew1, with 3DFX code optimized for EF2000 and a VFX1 emulation routine that allows the use of TrackIR in Enhanced Mode.

For the first time, you can run EF2000 V2.0 for 3DFX/GFX+ in Windows XP or later, with no graphical artifacts or appreciable slowdown. Additionally, the resolution upscaling addresses the image at the 3DFX polygon level, and not at the output level, making for a much better upscaling experience. Mikew's DOSBox for EF2000 is truly the Holy Grail EF2000 fans have been waiting for!

No Air Dominance Project release is complete without a front end, and EF2000 Reloaded is no exception. EF2000 Reloaded includes a front end/launcher to accompany mikew's DOSBox for EF2000. In addition to taking care of the required DOSBox parameters and providing a GUI to customize your DOSBox Conf file, the EF2000 Launcher adds the following features:

  • Supports three separate installs of EF2000 (original DOS, TACTCOM, and GFX+2).
  • Integrated multiplayer front end allows hassle free IPX emulation over TCP/IP, with a "phone book" for your friends' IPXNet servers.
  • Option to manage separate single player and multiplayer campaigns for each EF2000 install.
  • Custom Campaign Creator allows custom scenarios based on the scenarios from Strategic Command for EF2000.
  • Basic Campaign Editor allows you to adjust difficulty level, player influence, and player score.
  • Includes Super Revive by Brett Luck for in-depth campaign edits.



  • EF2000 Reloaded neither includes nor installs EF2000. You are responsible for your own EF2000 procurement and installation. Instructions on installing EF2000 V2 on 64 bit Windows are available.
  • Super EF2000 / EF2000 V2.0 for Windows 95 is not supported.
  • EF2000 Reloaded requires at least Windows XP SP3.



Known Issues:

If you get the "DLL Location Key not Present" dialog box when running the TrackIR Enabler, select the EF2000 Reloaded shortcut, right click, and select "Run as Administrator". Likewise, you can set the shortcut to "Run as Administrator" in properties as well.




1 DOSBox 0.74 is an open source program written by Peter "Qbix" Veenstra, Harekiet Sjoerd, Tommy "Franskapet" Frossman, and Ulf "Finster" Wohlers. Mikew's 3DFX code was based on kekko's 3dfx Voodoo patch for DOSBox.

2 TACTCOM and GFX+ are also known as EF2000 V2.0 for DOS and EF2000 V2.0 for 3DFX respectively.

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Updated Google Drive link
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So far the game is working nicely with only the following issues:
Note: I am using Win7 pro 64 bit and the Warthog joystick and throttle and Ch rudder pedals

1. My WH is joystick ID 1 and works fine, but the rudder pedals AND BRAKES are not being recognized in the config of the game setup. I have them listed as ID 2

2. So far, the trackIR is not working. I have checked the box and loaded TrackIR before I started the game. On page 13 of the manual, there is a sentence that says "assign your EF2000TrackIR profile to TrackMapper in your TrackIr software." What does this mean? All TrackIR boxes have been checked and there is the trackir status box in the taskbar and it says the trackir interface is initialized. THANK YOU MIKEW. ISSUE RESOLVED. i KNOW JUST HAVE TO ADD THE ALT F1 KEYS TO A BUTTON ON MY STICK AS YOU LOSE TRACKER WHEN YOU CHANGE SCREENS.

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Thanks Home Fries. Will try it when I get home. I have been using Autokey and the F15, F16 and F17 keys for tracker as they don't interfere with the game keys and Tracker recognizes them even though they are not on my keyboard. I just assign a key to these F keys and autokey runs the key and sends the info to tracker.

Is it possible to get rudder pedals/brakes to work when they are not connected to the joystick/throttle?

I have the WH joystick/throttle combined as ID #1 and it seems to work fine. However, nothing I seem to do will get my CH rudder pedals/brakes to be recognized. I read that the game only sees one ID-is that correct?

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From SHQ:

The game only sees one joystick. Getting multiple joysticks recognized as a single 4 axis joystick in DOSBox can be done with PPJoy, but I don't have any first-hand knowledge in how to do it. Besides, using PPJoy may hose up your TARGET profile.

Right now, the only option for running "real" rudder pedals within TARGET is to have a Cougar with gameport rudders plugged in. Until Thrustmaster releases their own TARGET compatible rudders, this won't change.

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Hi guys,

I have a microsoft sidewinder force feedback 2 joystick and I cannot get it to work right. If selected, as an option via the inflight settings menu, the joystick does nothing plus the aircraft keeps whirling. If the keyboard is selected instead then everything is ok. Is there any way to set my joystick corectly?

Thanks in advance

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I have a SWFFB2 myself, and I've confirmed that it works with EF2000 Reloaded. The default DOSBox settings (ch and swap34) are fine for the FFB2.

If you have trouble calibrating the joystick in the EF2000 config program, then you may need to select "timed" for the first calibration attempt and then deselect "timed" for your final calibration attempt.

If you calibrated properly but the controller is still acting up in-game, then try ALT+C to center the joystick in-game.

See the EF2000 Reloaded Manual page 13 for more details.

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