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UH-1 1st Air Cavalry Vietnam Pack Released

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This is a collection of 12 skins representing commands that supported the 1st Cavalry Division from 1965-1969. Commands represented include:

  • 82nd Artillery Battalion (Battery E)
  • 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion (Command bird)
  • 229th Aviation Battalion (Companies A-D)

Note: The 229th AvBn A company 1965 skin in this pack differs slightly from the Crandal/Freeman skins in my Medal of Honor Skin Pack. Be sure to get that pack as well if you want even more varied skins for the 229th AvBn (i.e. if you wish to create an Ia Drang mission).

All reference imagery was taken from


82nd Artillery Bn, E Battery
228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion C&C bird.

229th Aviation Battalion:
A Co. 1965 (similar to the 229th AvBn skins in my Medal of Honor skin pack).

"Killer Spade" B Co. 1968

C Co. 1965

D Co. Gunship 1966

and a D Co. Gunship in 1968 with the Disney-stylized logo.

The files can be found at the following locations:
DCS File Repository
Combat Ace

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