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A-10C Tips (video)

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Another video. The theme is dropping multiple JDAMs, but the real takeaway is the use of Markpoints.


Just a point of clarification: flight plan and mission waypoints use numbers, whereas Markpoints use letters A-Z (Z being reserved for the last weapon release). This is why he is able to create a Markpoint flightplan just choosing points A-C.

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A couple of battlespace/target management videos by Gerry Abbott


Note: if you watched the video in the previous post, you'll understand the target offset at the end of this video B)

This one's a bit longer, but you'll definitely get something out of it. The Bulls-Cursor selection was pretty cool IMHO.


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Thanks for posting these videos, Home Fries. I went through them once and will be watching again. I already learned a lot.


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Another video by Ralfidude on SAM hunting. He also ingeniously uses Mark Points to delineate friendly lines, helpful to avoid blue-on-blue engagements.


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