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KA-50 HOTAS COugar Profile..


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Hey HF's loving the new KA-50 Profile but we need a few keypresses added to the HOTAS and here they are:

1. Auto Hover - LEFT ALT + T ( I think you have this to the paddle but Please double check it is this keypress)

2. HMS Aiming Reticle Lower, Raise = H

3. Move Plane nose and the Shkval seeker to Target with HMS Reticle = O = NOT Zero..(This will get you in the general area. you can then finetune with the Shkval..)

The HMS Aiming Reticle is good to position your Shkval to the Target in question and point you nose to that general direction.... You bring down the HMS Reticle and move to the target in question with the HAT Switch and then Press "O" to point the nose and shkval to the target in question.. easier to line the shkval to the target with the HMS reticle anyhow I found..

It is best to be about 4.32km away from the target area as that is the max distance for the Vikhr.. then go into a Stable Hover and the Auto Hover can be engaged below the speed of 20knts.. so we need that keypress on the Hotas..

Oh and we also need to get the Target Lock key switched from the T1 Function.. I moved it temp to S1 and the uncage Shkval to T1..

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