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TAW 2.30 Beta Public Release (obsolete)

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What happens if XP compatibility mode is not on in the prior versions?

you'll likely be unable to run TAW from the launcher itself, and you may get write errors, protection errors, etc. The 2.30 launcher EXE takes advantage of File System Object; something the previous versions of the launcher did not. This is required for Vista and later.

There's no downside to running 2.30; it's only beta in name because I haven't gotten around to the polish I like to put on a release.

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The launcher version for 2.30 beta 4 should be 2.5.59. I'm guessing you're still running 2.22a (though it will tell you at the top of that same splash screen).

I don't think it's a matter of crashing, but whether you will be able to do certain file operations. There may be some insidious bugs if you don't use compatibility mode because versions prior to 2.30 didn't use File System Object.

So the big questions are what operating system are you running, and is there a reason you don't want to patch to 2.30?

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Shouldn't be. The link to the 2.30 patch is on box.com, a cloud service which should be OS agnostic.

Please verify you attempted to download the patch with this link:


And that you have installed TAW 2.20 and patched up to 2.22a using the links from this thread before running the 2.30 patch.

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Windows 10, I am unable to download the beta using IE or Edge or Chrome... is there another location to download from?

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