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This Day in WWII 29 December 1939 - 1943


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NorthAmericanAviationAd-Dec1943.jpg North American Aviation Ad - December 1943

1939: Finnish forces launch a successful counter attack to the North of Lake Ladoga.

Diana%20Dors1.jpg *Diana Dors

1940: In a radio broadcast Roosevelt tells Americans: "We must be the great arsenal of the democracy."

1940: The Luftwaffe launches a major incendiary raid against London, destroying or badly damaging a number of historic buildings.

Diana%20Dors2.jpg Diana Dors

1941: Soviet troops make an amphibious landing at Feodosiya on the south coast of the Crimea in order to relive pressure against Sevastopol and hopefully clear the Germans from the Crimea.

1942: The British cruisers HMS Jamaica and HMS Sheffield join convoy JW-51B south of Bear Island as its makes the dangerous passage through the Barents Sea.

Diana%20Dors3.jpg Diana Dors

1943: The Eighth 2,000-ton air raid is flown against Berlin by the RAF on the third anniversary of the fire bombing of London.

1943: US Marines secure Cape Gloucester airfield on New Britain.

Diana%20Dors4.jpg Diana Dors

*Diana Dors was promoted as "The English Marilyn Monroe". She had the blonde hair and the curves but in fact she began her career long before Marilyn and Diana could act better as well. Diana Dors was born Diana Mary Fluck on October 23, 1931 at the Haven Nursing Home in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. Diana and her mother both nearly died from the traumatic birth. Because of the trauma, her mother lavished on Diana, anything and everything she wanted. Clothes, toys, and dance lessons were the order of the day. Diana's love of films came when her mother took her to the local movies theaters. The actresses on the screen caught Diana's attention and she said, herself, that from the age of three she wanted to be an actress. She was educated in the finest private schools, much to the chagrin of her father. Apparently, he thought private education was a waste of money. Physically, Diana grew up fast. At 12 years old, she looked and acted much older than what she was. Much of this was due to the actresses she studied on the silver screen and Diana wanted to emulate them. Diana wanted nothing more than to go to the United States and Hollywood to have a chance to make her place in film history. After placing well in a local beauty contest, Diana was offered a part in a thespian group. She was thirteen. The following year Diana enrolled in an acting school to hone her acting skills. She was the youngest in her class. Her first fling at the camera was in "The Shop at Sly Corner" in 1947. Diana didn't care that it was a small, uncredited part. She was on film and at the age of 16, that's all that mattered. That was quickly followed by "Dancing with Crime" (1947) which consisted nothing more than a walk-on role. Up until this time, Diana had pretended to be 17 years old. If the producers knew her true age, they, probably wouldn't have let her test for the part. Since she looked and acted older this was no problem. 1948 dawned bright for Diana. She appeared in no less than six films for the silver screen. Some were uncredited and some had some meat to the roles. The best of the lot was the role of Charlotte in the classic, "Oliver Twist". Throughout the fifties she appeared in more films and became more popular in Britain. Diana was a pleasant version of Marilyn Monroe who had taken the US by storm. Now Britain had their own version. She continued to play sexy sirens and filled the British theaters. Diana really came into her own as an actress. She was more than a woman who exuded her sexy side. She was a very fine actress as her films showed. As the sixties turned into the seventies, she began to play more mature roles with an effectiveness that was hard to match. Films such as "Craze" (1973), Three for All (1975), and "The Amorous Milkman" (1975) dotted her resume. After filming "Steaming" in 1982, Diana was diagnosed with cancer. It was too much for her to overcome. The British were saddened when word came of her death on May 4, 1984 in Berkshire, England, UK. She was just 53 years old. "Steaming" was released the following year.

Diana%20Dors5.jpg Diana Dors


Measurements: 36 1/2D-24-35


The Siren of Swindon

Hurricane in Mink



Alan Lake (23 November 1968 - 4 May 1984) (her death) 1 child

Richard Dawson (12 April 1959 - 1966) (divorced) 2 children

Dennis Hamilton (3 July 1951 - 31 January 1959) (his death; they had begun divorce proceedings in 1958)

Diana%20Dors6.jpg Diana Dors

In 1974, she contracted meningitis but miraculously survived. 8 years later she was diagnosed as having cancer from which she died in 1984.

Featured on the cover of The Beatles' album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967)

Her third and last husband, Alan Lake, committed suicide five months after her death.

At age twenty she was the youngest registered owner of a Rolls Royce in the country.

In 1981 appears as the "Fairy Godmother" in the Adam Ant music video for "Prince Charming".

Nash-KelvinatorAd-Dec1945.jpg Nash - Kelvinator Ad - December 1945

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1940: The Luftwaffe launches a major incendiary raid against London, destroying or badly damaging a number of historic buildings.

This would come back to haunt the Germans after Sir Arthur Harris was appointed as C-in-C of Bomber Command.

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