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UH-1 Tips Videos

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To coincide with the A-10C thread with the same intent, I'll start posting good instructional videos for the UH-1 Huey.

I'll start with the video that really helped me out with taking off and the transition between turbulent air and Effective Translational Lift (ETL). The video touches on a lot of little details that are often lost in the tutorials (which mainly cover procedures and mechanics).


Another big takeaway: when coming in for a landing, transition from ETL to turbulent air occurs at around 40kts. Once you're aware of this, it really helps. Also, it's true that the proverbial lightbulb over your head "turns on" at about the 4 flight hour mark, so don't be discouraged if you're having a tough time (unless you're at 10 hours, at which point you may want to stick with fixed wing :rofl: ).

Note: this doesn't mean you'll be flying like Robert Mason (of Chickenhawk fame) after 4 hours, but you'll finally start to get a feel for the "rhythm" of the huey and anticipate its needs and corrections. I'm just over the 4 hour point (lightbulb for me turned on at 3:22) and I can fly a loose formation, approach for landing if given enough room, land somewhere on the runway without crashing (I can usually hit the numbers if I circle once), and I can consistently bag the targets on the range.

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An excellent overall tutorial of the Huey. Covers the basics, but focuses on the varsity level stuff, i.e. transition to hover, avoiding VRS, etc.


From what I understand, Dslyecxi is something of a legend flying helos in ArmA.

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