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UH-1 Marine Corps Vietnam Skin Pack

Home Fries

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Here are some screenshots from my skinpack that pays tribute to the Marine squadrons that flew the Huey in Vietnam.

Since this is a DCS module of a more modern UH-1 variant (the UH-1H), I have opted to put the flight crew in contemporary uniforms. Note the MARPAT body armor on the door gunners.

In chronological order, here is:

VMO-2 Angry Two (1966)

VMO-6 Tomcats (1967)

VMO-3 Scarface (1967)

In April 1968, VMO-3 was redesignated as HML-367, and changed their paint jobs accordingly.

Another shot of HML-367 with the door gunner getting into the picture.

And finally, HML-367 when they returned to Vietnam in 1975 for Operation: Frequent Wind, the evacuation of Saigon.

The skin pack requires DCS World (and the UH-1H model to fly), and is available on Combat Ace, LOF, and the DCS File Repository.

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