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TM Cougar: Redefining the Y Axis Calibration Center?

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My Y axis on my Cougar seems badly skewed away from the idea mid-range Raw value.

This this the Y axis with Raw range of 310 to 648:


This is the corresponding X axis with a Raw range of 140 - 648:


This manifests itself physically on the stick by not using the complete movement of the stick when pulling on the lift vector. Only half the stick's Y direction throw is functional when pulling high G's as in an optimal corner turn.

I'd just like to recalibrate the center (in the Y direction) to a better central position. Meaning I need a Raw value of 480 rather than the present 591. It would be nice to reduce the minimal Raw value to the same as the X axis (ie. 140) but I don't see much hope of doing that.

My manual shows a "Set Center Position" button but my software doesn't provide such a tool.

Any ideas?


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Has this happened for a while, or did the axis just skew recently? If recent, have you tried re-flashing the stick?

Thanks HF. This is embarrassing. Its fixed itself. :blush: :blush: :blush: Probably more annoying really because I don't really know what fixed it. :angry:

It was after installing that corrected 222a patch and with our flyin today now with a badly skewed stick. Remember I couldn't force the nose down. Stick badly calibrated. After the mission recalibrated stick manually (Y central axis position RAW reading now 364, now similar to X axis)...... climb into the pit ........ steep climb with stick in central position ..... :superscare: ....... hit ALT + C to centalize and all fixed. No re-flashing (thanks for that) required but don't know what fixed it. :shrug:

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Alt + C fixed it it was probally the game that needed to be calibrated ;)

Interesting ...... ALT C is game specific .......... the Y axis skewing correction was initially TM specific (the RAW value) and achieved with trim adjustment. However this skewed the game calibration which was correct with game calibration (ie. ALT C). Makes sense particularly as the game needed game re-calibration once Y axis RAW value reset itself. Its that resetting of the Y axis RAW value that I still don't know what I did, if I did anything. How did it go from 591 back to 364 without a "Set Center Position" button?

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