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So I Tried the Whole War Thunder Thing ...

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Hey Joker been putzing around with it myself. my dog fighting skills are way rusty, but not a bad game playing for free! Biggest thing I try to do now is avoid collisions and fly smart. If you get in

We'll keep ol' 86 fueled up and on the flight line for ya

Got my stick problems mostly sorted out. Turned out all the fiddling I was doing was wasted. The default "joystick" is evidently a mouse and keyboard, even though I specified a joystick when I first

Okay, this is just not working out. I can't get my Views to work properly. Neither using the hat switch nor the number pad gives me a side view, which is what you need when evaluating a situation. Anybody using a Thrustmaster T-flight stick X ?? There is no program I can use to map the buttons and switches. I have to use the in-game tools. I anyone is using that stick, let me know how you've set up your views.

The other problem has to do with interruptions. Once you start into a realistic mission, there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to deal with household interruptions. And don't tell me to put the family on IGNORE. My family is all women (save for one son-in-law). There's no such thing as NOT dealing with them when they call. Today I was about five minutes into a mission and my daughter called. I hit the Escape button, but before the game actually took me out to where I could return my aircraft to the ramp, it crashed. I was trying to talk on the phone and get out of the game at the same time and didn't notice that my bird was getting too close to terra firma.

On the subject of online games, I think some of you guys have played World of Tanks. What is it like? Is it worth messing with?



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Ha! Yeah, ya can't pause an online game. I've had to deal with similar interruptions from Critter and La Madre. :)

I think guys post joystick profiles on the WT forum. I still can't get the throttle to work properly on my Logitech; it's a Mac issue, because PC users don't have the same problem. Is there any Thrustmaster software that needs to be installed?

Other night, I also had one of those "online community moments": Some jerk on my own team shot me up shortly after takeoff. His reason? "I don't like Corsairs. And I don't like your name." Then a buddy of his chimes in, "LOL, noob." I managed to come back around and land the bird, and responded, "Nice. Next time, maybe you'll shoot up a school full of kids." Same evening, some mouser was watching me chase an Me-410 and he comments, "Joker u suck!" My response: "Looking for a boyfriend, sweetie?" Ah, anonymous humanity.

WoT I've heard is pretty fun.

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I don't think my PC is powerful enough to handle this game. Planes are not showing up -- other than the little icons -- until they're waaaay too close for comfort. The other problem involves the text associated with targets. I tried getting rid of some of it, but nothing changed. Except on a Single Mission. In Realistic, all the garbage was still there.

I'll check online and see if I can find some hints.


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Yeah Jim, my little Mac Mini has these specs -- probably more powerful than my old Dell:

Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB

Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)

Mind you, it barely runs WT, on the very lowest graphics setting. This is essentially a gunned-up laptop. Still, WT looks better than IL2 ever did on the old Dell, and FPS is pretty smooth, around 50 for the most part, sometimes as high as 80. I'm absolutely fine with the sim's graphics and performance.

You're right Donnie, kids are a pain online. Then again, this afternoon I was flying a Stalingrad mission in an He-112 (yeah, WT gets pretty weird, sometimes). I'd just shot down an I-15 and strafed a bunch of arty and was thinking about heading RTB before I pressed my luck, when I see a comm in the chatline from an He-111, asking for help. So I went over and formed up with him, escorted him back to the field. Asked if he was damaged, and he said, "Yup, and I answered, "Yee haw, " and he's like, "Yo, a Texan!" Introduces himself as Scott from PA. Had a nice chat, got him down safely. So you take the good with the bad, I guess, and try to remember the good times. I will say that last night was the only bad experience I've had in Realistic Battles, which tends to attract more mature pilots.

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Got my stick problems mostly sorted out. Turned out all the fiddling I was doing was wasted. The default "joystick" is evidently a mouse and keyboard, even though I specified a joystick when I first got on board. Anyhow, I reset it to my real stick and things are a lot better. Still not happy with some of the views, but now that I have the right stick to work on, it should get better.

Words of wisdom: Don't tangle with a flak cannon -- at least not in a Buffalo.



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