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This Day in WWII 17 February 1940 - 1945


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BuickAd-Feb1943.jpg Buick Ad - February 1943

1940: Norway protests to Britain over violation of neutrality.

Cobina%20Wright%20Jr.1.jpg *Cobina Wright Jr.

1942: German vessel disguised as a British merchantman is reported sunk by a U-boat off Azores.

1942: Japanese invade Bali, despite allied naval interception and bomb Darwin on Northern Australia.

Cobina%20Wright%20Jr.2.jpg Cobina Wright Jr.

1943: The Eighth Army occupies Medenine in southern Tunisia. 5th Panzerarmee's advance beyond the Kasserine Pass is temporarily suspended.

1944: German troops encircled in the Cherkassy pocket achieve a breakout, but at a heavy cost in men and equipment. The Russians claim the annihilation of the trapped German divisions at Korsun. They also begin to storm Krivoi Rog.

ChryslerAd-Feb1944.jpg Chrysler Ad - February 1944

1944: U.S forces land on Eniwetok atoll in the South Pacific.

1944: Operation Hailstone begins as U.S. carrier-based planes bomb the Japanese naval base at Truk in the Caroline Islands. (WATCH NEWSREEL)

Cobina%20Wright%20Jr.3.jpg Cobina Wright Jr.

1945: The U.S. Third Army launches a new offensive into Germany, having pierced the Siegfried Line on a 11-mile front.

1945: U.S. troops capture the whole of the Bataan Peninsula, which commands Manila Bay in Philippines.

1945: Gen. MacArthur's troops land on Corregidor in the Philippines.

Cobina%20Wright%20Jr.5.jpg Cobina Wright Jr.

*Cobina Wright was born Aug 14, 1921 in New York City, New York. The brunette daughter of ambitious society columnist Cobina Wright Sr. and started her show business career as a model. Bob Hope used her as the basis for character Cobina on his radio program in 1939. After she filed suit against him (settled out of court) she became a guest on his program. She began a radio career and appeared in about a dozen movies during the early 40s. Her husband, Palmer Beaudette, was an Army corporal at the time they married in 1941. He butted heads with Cobina's assertive mother about the direction of his wife's/her daughter's career. Cobina Jr. retired in 1943.

She appeared in just nine films during her brief career, including her first movie "Small Town Deb" (1941), "Moon Over Miami" (1941), "Charlie Chan in Rio" (1941), "Footlight Serenade" (1942) and her last film appearance, "Something to Shout About" (1943).

Cobina%20Wright%20Jr.6.jpeg Cobina Wright Jr.

Husband Palmer was an heir to a vast fortune. When he died in 1968 of a heart attack, Cobina Jr. found that their spacious Carmel Valley home was all she owned. It seems that the share of Palmer's estate, which he inherited from his father, reverted, as per his father's will, back to Palmer's brothers and sisters.

Both Cobina and her late husband were alcoholics. Following his death and her own recovery, she devoted much of her time to volunteering in programs at Beacon House. She also served on the board of the National Council on Alcoholism.

Cobina Wright died on September 1, 2011 (age 90) in Solvang, California, USA.

ConsolidatedVulteeAircraftAd-Feb1945.jpg Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Ad - February 1945

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