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Joystick problem

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now on my ef2000.cfg file, I have the same 4 number like yours:


are these number for rudder position?

left, right, center position and what is 0 represent?

have you tried messing around with these number?

After some experiments, it seems the first 0,126 relate to the rudder full left and right values, and the 63 is linked to whether the rudder is present or not.

Adjusting other joystick related values either had no effect or made the plane uncontrollable.

I would say, that the behaviour is as good as can be expected, since the physical joystick limits are being detected correctly.

The difference between using the keys and the joystick, may be due to the flight model reacting differently to a 'binary' on/off of the rudder using the keys as opposed to the more linear joystick control.

I'm not sure what I'd expect rudder inputs to do in a fly-by-wire aircraft though.

If more keyboard-like behaviour is wanted, maybe the rudders can be mapped to the keys using mmjoy or the DosBox keymapper???

tirta, sorry if it seems like I'm ducking the issue here, I just don't have a definitive answer.

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no problem mikew.

at least I get my pedal working. :D

I have tried to to change 0,126 to 20,106 then to 40,86.

It seems more reactive that way, but I have not really observed it much,

maybe a placebo effect.

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