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No wonder no one wanders in here . . . .

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This place is too neat and clean. Where are the bar stools? The bar? Calendars with nekkid wimmen?

Beer signs? Wanted posters? Uncle Sam wants YOU posters?

There are no tables with stains on them, no beat up chairs, no stack of CSim Babes magazines piled on a table.

In short, the place looks like a hospital room. Yuck.

I'll be back later with a couple cases of beer. I'll bet we can make the place more like a cross between a WW2 briefing room and a sleazy noir bar in no time.



aka: Constable6 in WT

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Damn it, just when I thought I had the place to myself and that drunk in the corner, and you guys wander in! No peace for the wicked, they say!

Listen, why are y'all pissing around with War Thunder? That's for teens and below, and Joker, who should know better.

The REAL sim these days is "IL-2 Cliffs of Dover", if you can handle it. I finally can since I upped to 64bit and a new vid card. Yeah, yeah, I know it's only Spits and Hurris and 109s and so forth, but if you want to see what it's all about for real, go take a look at the website for ATAG (Air Tactical Assault Group) which is the brains behind CoD these days. They just made a new Mod for Malta which is very accurate for graphics, etc. I think it's the scenery and the A/C modeling which impresses me so much, with the shadows moving around the cockpit as you turn and the intense scenery.

I know the website can't compare to CSim, but they sure have an active bunch there, so check it out and see what you think.

"OK, Donnie, no more for you, time to go home, buddy, after you clean up that mess on the floor. Next time bring a couple of your Babes with you for Doug and OG, willya? Always was a cheapskate!"

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WT is kind of fun, Whiz. Not as challenging as IL-2, but you can jump in, fly a couple missions, and get out. Since I'm not much of a pilot the battles are tough enough for me. I have IL-2 1946 and I've been working on learning my way around in that game.


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Hmmm, maybe I just might check it out again. I flew some Missions last year and thought it was too arcade-ish but maybe it's better now. You buy the beers, OG, if I get flamed by a 15yr-old!

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You just have to not pay attention to that crap, Whiz. If one of your team members get pissed at you he (or she) will shoot you down. A few real butt heads do that every now and then just for giggles. Joker's been shot at by guys on his side several times. It's only happened to me once and I think that was an accident.

When you start out in WT you start in Arcade Battles, but most people switch up to Realistic Battles very shortly. Some things about Realistic Battles are a good way from a more realistic flight sim, but by and large it's fairly well done. It is, however, a sim. Even IL-2 has its quirks.


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I just gave WT up for the third -- and I hope final -- time.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I liked the game because you could kick the tires, light the fire, and blast off into the wild blue.  Being a middling capable pilot, at best, I generally flew bombers, although when I first started with WT (back in 2014) I did fly fighters quite a bit and had some success at it.  I never flew Arcade, only "Realistic", which is a misnomer of the first rank these days.


Now days the game is controlled by kids who have no feeling for actual history.  If you don't have the money, or don't want to spend the money, to purchase premium aircraft, you might as well stay home.  About a year ago I stopped participating in Pacific battles because of Japanese F4U aircraft.  Pappy Boyington would roll over in his grave!  If I'm flying a P-40 over Port Moresby against A6M Zeros I can count on being able to dive away from them when necessary.  Real tactics in real warfare.  Throw in a Japanese F4U and what do you have?  A nearly certain victory for the Corsair.  A P-40 has little chance against a half-decent F4U driver.


Then things got worse.  XP-55?  A plane that never saw the light of combat.  Six engine German BV-238?  Only three were ever built and I think only one ever flew.  HE-100, HE-112, both produced in minimal numbers and never used as first line aircraft. 


Not only has the game descended into outright fiction, the battle generator frequently pits level one aircraft against level three or higher.  Damage modeling?  Don't ask.  According to Gaijin a single 20mm hit will take a wing off a B-25.  Really?  According to real ME-262 pilots it took SIX 30mm rounds, on average, to knock down a B-17.  And those hits were hard to make.  I've watched literally hundreds of WW2 motion pictures showing planes of all powers being shot down by everything from other aircraft to heavy AAA.  Only heavy AAA (90mm +) will quite often blow an aircraft apart.  Wings typically stay attached no matter what.  I've seen wings fail on B-17 and B-24 aircraft as they were spinning down, due to centrifugal forces combined with battle damage.  It can happen, but not the way Gaijin models it.


That all said, I wouldn't have minded if they had made a special area for the kids with all the fancy toys to play in. 


Hell, I don't know.  Gaijin is obviously in it for the money and I have no problem with that.  Maybe there really aren't enough players who want the game to be historically accurate. 


Anyway, I'm no longer playing WT.  Too bad.  I enjoyed it during that first year.


OG  :(


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