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This Day in WWII 8 March 1940 - 1945


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ChevroletAd-March1944.jpg Chevrolet Ad - March 1944

1940: Heavy fighting is reported at the outskirts to Viipuri, as the Red Army continues its attempt to capture the city. This prompts the Finns to seek an immediate armistice, which the Russians refuse. Therefore the Finnish delegation in Moscow is instructed to sue for peace.

Gloria%20DeHaven1.jpg *Gloria DeHaven

1941: The US Senate passes the 'Lend Lease' bill by 60 votes to 31.

1941: Martial law is proclaimed in Holland in order to extinguish any anti-Nazi protests.

Gloria%20DeHaven2-YANK.jpg Gloria DeHaven - YANK Pinup Girl (June 22, 1945 Issue YANK Magazine)

1942: The RAF use GEE for the first time for target marking during a raid on Essen. The technique was known as 'Shaker' and consisted of aircraft marking the target with flares, allowing aircraft further behind to see the target more clearly. However the results of the raid were disappointing.

1942: Rangoon falls to the Japanese as the British forces escape to the north. The 17th Indian Division was now holding the Irrawaddy area and the 1st Burma Division the upper Sittang valley. The Chinese Expeditionary Force were farther north, with the Fifth Chinese Army defending Mandalay and the 6th Chinese Army was at Toungoo and defending the Burmese province of Shan.

1942: The Dutch on Java surrender to Japanese.

Gloria%20DeHaven3.jpg Gloria DeHaven

1943: Over 1,000 Germans wife's of Jewish men deported to concentrations camps are now protesting in Berlin. To prevent this kind of protest from spreading, Joseph Goebbels orders the release of the 1,500 Jewish men.

1943: Japanese forces attack American troops on Hill 700 in Bougainville. The battle will last five days.

1944: The US 8th Air Force carries out another heavy attack against Berlin.

EvereadyBatteryAd-March1944.jpg Eveready Battery Ad -March 1944

1945: Phyllis Mae Daley receives a commission in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. She will become the first African-American nurse to serve duty in World War II.

1945: British and Canadian troops involved in Operation 'Blockbuster' enter Xanten on the Rhine after several days of heavy fighting further to the South U.S. troops enter Bonn.

Gloria%20DeHaven4.jpg Gloria DeHaven (Fourth War Loan Drive began on January 18, 1944 and ended on February 15, 1944)

1945: Beginning of secret negotiations at Bern, Switzerland, between representatives of the American OSS (Allan Dulles) and the German High Command in Italy (General von Vietinghoff and SS General Wolff) for an early surrender of German forces in Italy.

1945: The Red Army penetrates into the southern suburbs of Breslau.

Gloria%20DeHaven5.jpg Gloria DeHaven

*Gloria Mildred DeHaven was born on July 23, 1925 in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of actor-director Carter DeHaven and actress Flora Parker DeHaven, both former vaudeville performers.

She began her career as a child actor with a bit part in Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" (1936). She was signed to a contract with MGM Studios, but despite featured roles in such films as "The Thin Man Goes Home" (1944) and "Summer Stock" (1950), she did not achieve film stardom. She portrayed her mother in the Fred Astaire film "Three Little Words" (1950).

DeHaven also appeared as a regular in the television series and soap operas "As the World Turns", "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and "Ryan's Hope". She was one of the numerous celebrities enticed to appear in the all-star box office flop "Won Ton Ton", the "Dog Who Saved Hollywood" (1976), and has guest starred in such television series as "Robert Montgomery Presents", "The Guy Mitchell Show", "The Rifleman", "Wagon Train", "The Lloyd Bridges Show", "Marcus Welby, M.D.", "Gunsmoke", "Fantasy Island", "Hart to Hart", "The Love Boat", "Highway to Heaven", "Murder, She Wrote" and "Touched By An Angel". In the late 1960s and early 1970s, DeHaven hosted a morning call-in movie show, "Prize Movie", on WABC-TV in New York City.

Gloria%20DeHaven6.jpg Gloria DeHaven

DeHaven has been married four times to three different men. Her first husband was actor John Payne whom she married on December 28, 1944 and divorced in 1950. Her second husband was Martin Kimmell; they were married June 21, 1953 and divorced the following year. She was married to Richard Fincher from 1957 until 1963; they remarried in 1965 and divorced in 1969.

She has two children with Payne, daughter Kathleen Hope born 1945 and son Thomas John born 1947. She has two additional children with Fincher, son Harry born 1958 and daughter Faith born 1962.


Measurements: 34-24-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

OldsmobileAd-March1945.jpg Oldsmobile Ad - March 1945

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