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Why we cannot find the debris from flight 370

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Greetings friends,

Once again the effects of man-made global warming have become undeniably apparent. This time it is in the failure to find any debris from the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Global warming has affected our ocean currents and winds. This has resulted in searchers being unable to find the debris from this crashed airplane. I have attached a link to an article that details the effects of global warming on our oceans. This tragedy is just one more reason for ceasing to destroy our environment. Join me today in leading the charge to go green. Remember, friends, think globally and act locally.



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Rotatiga, we're a pretty friendly and loose bunch of guys here, as you've probably figured out, but do yourself a favor, and fill someone else's IN box with the tripe you're now dishing up, please? We realize that you're the type that feels all warm and fuzzy about Mother Earth and can't stand the thought of us being so ignorant about the important things in life, but if you'd stand back for once and read your posts with a more critical eye, you'd surely see how childish and sad they really are. Add to that the adoration you exhibit to that saddest of Presidents and his hangers-on, Barack Obama, and you will see, as we do, that you have the simple attitude of the average six-year old child who hasn't been exposed yet to the vicissitudes of life, and still thinks that Welfare checks are given to the Treasury by the fairies! We at CSim live and breathe in the real world, with Mortgages and Grocery and Dentist bills (sorry, Stans!) and have little time for Liberal claptrap, where a munificent Government caters to your every whim, so long as someone else pays for it. So go and delve into Maos little Red Book again but please dump your stuff on someone else!

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I agree with Stans. Very well said Whiz. That maturity and education really means so much. Not having to swear at all, not getting to personal, yet achieving the ultimate response to Rutabagas rants!

I salute you sir!

Now next time, throw in some great British foul language! Some of us didn't understand a word you said! :D

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