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FC3 Video Thread

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Here's a great BVR 1v1 video showing F-pole and A-pole tactics, along with analysis using TacView after the fight. Some knowledge of F-pole and A-pole is helpful, but not necessary to see what is going on.



  • F-pole is the slant range between the launch aircraft and target at the time of the missile shot, and is important with SARH missiles (like the R-27 carried on the Su-27 and the AIM-7 Sparrow sometimes carried on the F-15).
  • A-pole is the slant range between the launch aircaft and the point in space at which the ARH missile goes active (i.e. "pitbull"). Important for missiles like the AIM-120 on the F-15C and the R-77 on the MiG-29S.

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