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Strategic commander & EF2000 Reloaded

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Hi EF2000 fans,

For all the hardcore fans of EF2000 who want to use Strategic Commander (SC) I have some tips about the does and don't and using it together with EF2000 Reloaded.

1) Installing and using SC in EF2000 Reloaded:

You will have to use the 2nd program slot in Reloaded to point at your install directory, because SC will only work with EF2000 v.2 or with the EF2000 Tactcom.

Once all files of SC are installed, you simply point to SEF2K.com which will launch SC.

Important: If you want to use any campaign created with SC, then never launch EF2000 normally, and never chose "Main menu" from within the campaign screen, as this will mess up your created campaign. You must always:

Start SC > Create/edit campaign > Go to EF2000 within SC > return to SC with "Strategic Commander" > Save campaign and quit

The campaign files that will be edited - and readable - are CAMPAIGN.CG and MISSION.CFG.

You will have to delete these 2 files if you want to create a new campaign or if for any reason you have messed up your current campaign.

Now I want to discuss the features of SC and tell you what you can do and what doesn't work because of any reason (mostly bugs). Often I will mention some workarounds.

As you will read further, you understand that my general tip is:

OFTEN MAKE A CAMPAIGN BACKUP (File > Campaing > Backup Campaign)

2) Types of campaigns you can create

At a first glance SC offers a wide array of options when creating a campaign, difficulty level and scenario types. Unfortunately nothing else than the standard campaign can be created, even if you chose different boxes, the result and occupation area of the countries will be the same.

Workaround: Start a new campaign normally within EF2000 and only then start SC. Within SC you can use the Brush feature in the Occupation window to exactly define the battle frontiers, the only requirement is that all parties must have one continuous terrain.

3) Bases window & Order of Battle window

These are the main places to ensure you have all the necessary supplies and assets to run your campaign correctly. In the Bases window you can speed things up by adding assets to airbases instead of creating Ferry missions, if you do so, be fair to also substract these assets from other bases to keep the balance.

Order of Battle window:

The general rule as for program stability is: all assets that are already present at the beginning of a campaign can freely be added/substracted, but:

Ships: you can add all additional ship types like Nimitz, Kutznetzov, Invincible and submarines. They will be available next round of the campaign (+8 hours delay).

Ground units: all assets that are set to 0 at the start CANNOT be added without crashing SC. No ground war possible in EF2000.

3) Creating air missions

This part of SC works best with very few crashes. Note that the "Set Player Flight" will not work for CAP missions or for missions that cannot be completed within the 8 hour time frame.

4) Creating sea missions

Before creating any sea mission, it's important to know which ship is located in which port. The Site status will not give this info, so the only way to know this is to add a sea mission, click on any port and SC will display the assets in the port. You can then click Cancel and no mission will be created. Remember that any assets you have added in the Order of Battle window need to be prepared for action within the next 8 hours, so they may appear in the list but not be immediately available.

In SC there are quite a lot of sea missions types at your disposal, but unfortunately ONLY the "Sea Supply" will work without crashing SC or EF2000, but wait, there is a nice workaround:

You can setup offensive sea missions by creating a Sea Supply, then replacing the supply ships and adding war ships like the Type 42 destroyer, an CV with escort etc. By doing so the waypoint actions will be "Escort" or "As Tasked" which will work fine as a AA patrol against enemy planes or even against enemy ships. At some point the ships will "unload" something at the destination port and then return to their starting port. Be sure to set plenty of offensive waypoints before and after this unloading visit and you'll do fine.

5) Creating land missions

As long as you use any vehicle or asset that is included in the Order of Battle window at the start, there should be no problems whatsoever for any kind of mission.

The restrictions are that there is no dynamic moving frontline in EF2000 (the same goes for TAW), and so you cannot setup any ground war. Do NOT add assets like T80 tanks, Challenger tanks, Roland SAMs or artillery, because you only get SC or EF2000 to crash (in this case when returning from EF2000 to SC).

6) Preference menu

It is a MUST that you change the working directory from the default c:\ef2000 to c:\, otherwise if you use the Simulator to create single missions, the mission will NOT appear if switching to EF2000.

7) Advisors menu

This is certainly a never seen feature in any other flight sim, alas it's quite buggy, so if you plan to use it often, be sure to BACKUP YOUR CAMPAIGN! I've found out that if you use it right from the start of a campaign and always afterwards it will work fine most of the time, else it will crash SC and you are go to re-start a new campaign or revover a saved one.

8) Getting SC to work in the 3DFX version of EF2000

I'm adding this for Home Fries to give him some ideas, but I want to keep any optimism low: SC is only designed to work with the TACTCOM or the EF2000 DOS V.2.

The shining of this Reloaded frontend is the possibility to run EF2000 with emulated 3DFX grafics. This means that even without having a Vodoo (spelling right? @#8§...) grafic card of the past, you can now enjoy full Antialiasing when playing, and this makes a huge difference! So I was quite working hard to get SC to work in the 3DFX version, but for now to no avail. You are very welcome to propose any route :)

My way was to use the Simulator to transfer the MISSION.CFG into a created Simulator .cfg file. This ALMOST has worked, but it failed because the Simulator part only accepts missions that fly within the 8-hour frame and doesn't accept planes that are already airborne. E.g. if you have a mission that starts at "TAKE_OFF 0 8 40..." or something like that, SC cannot correct or save the file, also it will not run in EF2000 without crashing. It WILL WORK at the start of the campaign, Day 1 00:00, because all planes start in the same time frame, no planes already in the air.

I haven't found any triggers to change this behavior, but again: you are very welcome to help :)

That's it folks, enjoy your next flight in EF2000 :)



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Great stuff, XenonS.

If you ever decide to create your own campaigns using SC as an editor, please send me the files along with a description. I'll be happy to add them to Reloaded and give you credit in the manual.

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Hi Home Fries,

well, I'm always playing EF2000 with a SC campaign, the reason is (which I forgot to mention above): The campaign is so much better, allowing for CAS missions, moving ground units (supply only), a lot more naval activity etc. This all lacks in the standard campaign. The reason is that SC uses another Wargen system, and this unfortunately leads to the fact that EF2000 cannot read 1:1 a SC campaign when you simply copy the campaign.cg and mission.cfg files into the main folder. A lot of missions are then taken out, all the ships are reset etc.

So, a SC campaign is only useful when switching from SC to EF2000 (and back).

What I could do is create some nice missions with the Simulator part of SC, this will result in a single .cfg file which can then be used in ALL versions of EF2000.

Currently I'm working on a macro with UltraEdit to get any SC campaign running in any version, also the 3dfx version, but this is a huge work. Basically, what one must do is to adjust all plane waypoints and the base and port timeslots to take them back a specified amount of hours, so to make virtually everything start at Day 1, 00:00 hours. I still don't know if this is feasable, but if I succeed, there's no doubt I will upload anything useful.


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Thanks XenonS!

I wouldn't have thought that there should be that much of a difference between the campaign files of Tactcom and those of GFX+, so it's a bit odd that it doesn't work.

Maybe it's worth comparing the campaign files from the two games (without using SC) to see if there are any obvious differences in format.

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Hi mikew,

there should be no difference in the standard campaign between the versions. They all use the CONFLICT.CG file to build a starting campaign and these files are identical, I have compared them. But you have just given me some idea: I try some manipulations with this file to see what comes out. Also, I'm making progress with the conversion of a SC campaign. Stay tuned :)


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Here some important updates about Strategic Commander, mainly about program stability and the way to handle some errors. As I have started this topic, I'd better get some statements above corrected, so if possible I will update my first topic.

Here some important additional facts:

Starting a campaign with SC:

You should NOT create a campaign directly with SC because it will be unstable, instead you must first create a campaign in EF2000 (whatever version) normally, and only then start SC to read this campaign and make the changes you wish. After that, switching from SC > EF2000 and back should work without crashes.

SC will or may crash when...

...creating a campaign directly in SC. This will soon or late cause the error "Cannot match pilot to conflict file - cfg_read.c". Say good bye to your campaign and read just here above.

...changing assets in the Order of Battle Window. This has no consequence. Just restart SC and save the campaign.

...opening the Victory Condition window and pointing on the map. Before pointing on the map, first change the option to "show bases and ports only" and whatever you do next it will not crash SC.

...sometimes a naval supply mission will have no return to base waypoint and EF2000 will crash with the error:


Last Waypoint Does Not Exist - line 532
version 3.23 by Derek on Jul 04 1997


(a crash can be seen in the info file with the ending .$$$ (TACTCOM.$$$ or EFA.$$$ depending on your version).

To recover your campaign you must open with an editor capable of showing line numbers the file Mission.cfg, locate the line and see what mission number it is. Above that line you will see something like


The mission number here is the 2nd number entry: 13. Because missions start from 0 (not from 1), it will be mission 14 in SC. In SC, delete mission 14 and save. You have then recovered your campaign.

Changing the Occupation area in SC:

A big deal is that you can change the battle frontiers of the countries to make a very personalized campaign, but there are 2 main restrictions:

The first one is not a problem, because SC will correct it automatically, that is, every country must have a continuous terrain.

The 2nd restriction is not obvious at all. On the very South of the occupation map, the region between Sweden and the Baltic country (below the island) must STAY AS IS, do not change the terrain owner, or EF2000 will crash. It's probably because there is a starting supply port belonging to Sweden which is hard-coded and any country change was never supposed to be done anyway :)

Finally I found a way to use a SC campaign in the 3DFX (GFX+) version (or other versions) of EF2000, but is it worth the trouble? I would say no, just play the normal campaign, plus you have the Mission Planer, the ReVive and Campaign features of EF2000 Reloaded. But here is the procedure anyway:

You create a new campaign in the 3DFX version, then transfer the 2 files CAMPAIGN.CG and MISSION.CFG to the TACTCOM version with the SC install (or the EF2000 DOS v.2 version with the SC install). You can then:

Change the occupation area, and the number of assets (in the Order of Battle window). Save campaign and re-transfer the files in the 3DFX version.

To me this is not an option because you cannot change the Victory conditions or the Alliances (changing the alliances will crash EF2000).

A bit more interesting is this:

In SC, in the Preference menu you must disable "adjust supplies", or the following will not work.

In SC, create a little simulator file with 1 air mission. Save it under a name you please, e.g. xxx. A xxx.cfg file will be in your game dir. This will be a template that will contain a howle campaign.

Every time your campaign is at the start of a new day, you can play it as a Simulator mission (else you cannot set any plane to the player). Tip: You can play the very start of the campaign by following the steps here below and after that: When switching from SC to EF2000 use the time skip to the start of the next day.

After adjusting a campaign with SC, you can transfer the content of the file MISSION.CFG to the file xxx.cfg. In Mission.cfg, copy everything from the first mission up to the end and paste/replace it in xxx.cfg after the entry CONDITION... up to ;SEF2K_OCCUPATION (leave this one!).

Next, adjust the total mission nr. (start of the xxx.cfg file) to the same number than the one in the Mission.cfg. Also, in the xxx.cfg change to this entry:


Re-open your simulator file xxx.cfg in SC, and you can add extra things if you want, mainly those things that don't work in SC like mobile units or naval missions, ground missions etc. When you are finished don't forget to chose the air mission you want to fly and chose "Set Player Flight". This mission must be within the next 8-hour time frame. Save the simulation and quit SC.

Now, transfer these files in the main dir of the 3DFX version:

CFG folder

all ADDON1 files


In the 3DFX, you start your "campaign" in Simulator > Advanced Training > Add-on Mission #1

A good thing is: you can re-play it as often as you want, and even chosing another air mission (just go in SC and set another player mission).


As said above, to me this is not worth the trouble, except if you HATE the un-accelerated grafics :)

This sort of campaign will be a semi-dynamic one. There will be no de-briefing, no statistics after the mission. If you succeed your mission, e.g. killing 4 planes and destroying a specific ground target, then start your "normal" campaign in SC and do manually the adjustements by substracting planes, "razing" the appropriate places you did destroy during the mission, maybe change the occupation area etc. Another way is to just make a 8-hour time skip with your "real" campaign and pretend you were partecipating in one of the missions; after this make some adjustments in relation to your success / failure in flying your mission.

As you see, it's a bit complicated but it will work :)

That's it. This should close the SC topic.

Have fun with EF2000!


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I'll need some time to digest these findings...

As I understand it, EF2000 communicates with SC via text files. So, if we know the rules as described here, it should be possible to create a tool which can modify the text files so that both SC and EF2000 are happy.

That's probably a bit simplistic though.....

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Interesting stuff. I'm a bit confused about the "simulator mission" campaign, but I can probably figure it out by muddling through it.

To me this is not an option because you cannot change the Victory conditions or the Alliances (changing the alliances will crash EF2000).

If you look at my "Allied Scandinavia" campaign under "Create Custom Campaign" you'll see that I tweaked the alliance matrix. That said, I remember that changing something from friendly to hostile caused issues, but neutral to friendly seemed to work.

If you can use SC to come up with some good "starting scenarios" for a campaign, I'll gladly add them to my custom campaign list. Right now, with the exception of Allied Scandinavia, I've taken the basic lineups (I think from SC, but they may be from TACTCOM) but allowing you to choose the difficulty level (so you can have an "impossible" scenario with easy AI or vice versa).

Finally, if there is any real upside to using SC, closing it, copying the files to the 3DFX folder, then launching 3DFX, I could incorporate that into the launcher. However, from what it sounds like there isn't much upside other than to set up the initial campaign scenario.

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I have discovered that in SC, when invoking Simulation > Set Victory Conditions, you can chose for the start of a mission Day, Night or Twilight. This will change the entry

WORLD_STATUS 0 0 0 0 INCLUDE_COMPLETION accordingly. The numbers mean:




Maybe chosing the right values when editing the simulation will allow to set a player in-between of a full day (+8 hours, +16 hours) ?

I'm testing if it's possible to assign a plane for the player in such situations, SC will most likely not allow this, but I can still manually change the player flight it in the .cfg file. The important thing is that with my method above, SC is finally able to save the file which is an indication of validity for usage.

Once lauched in 3DFX, you can still chose Day/Night/Twilight, but whatever: you will have to use the time skip SHIFT+S when in the cockpit until you advance to the right (planed) starting time, and then you get the Taxi Clearance from the tower and you hear STUD ONE GO which is the signal that your wingmen are ready to taxi. (Stud 2 go, Stud 3 go: this means your secondary and 3rd flight will taxi and takeoff).


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Ok, again some good news. This time after testing, I can play ALL the campaigns of Strategic Commander in the 3DFX, including the start times at 0:00:00, 0:08:00, 0:16:00, 1:00:00 etc.

The only thing is that you have to trick SC to think you do your mission within the first 8 hours. Aaargh, these tricks below the table, I tell ya :)

The reason is: I finally discovered what caused SC to crash the simulator by transfering 1:1 the mission.cfg to a simulator file (xxx.cfg): SC will accept missions that are airborne, but the starting point of a plane cannot be a landing waypoint, that's the reason why SC always crashes. So you must delete the missions that start in the world by being on the landing waypoint, fortunately there are not too many, and then you will get an OK to start with any type of SC campaign.

The only thing is: let's say you want to fly a mission that starts at 0:08:17, then you must trick SC by manipulating the .cfg file. Here is the procedure:


You don't have to enable "Don't adjust supplies" in the Preference menu of SC, this doesn't matter at all, and so much the better because you will have CAS missions that you can fly and mobile ground supply missions.


With any campaign of SC that you have edited, at any time of the day: save the campaign, and copy/paste the content of mission.cfg to xxx.cfg as explained above, but you don't have to adjust the World_Status, it doesn't matter.


Open the xxx.cfg with the Simulator part of SC, and locate the air missions that start with a landing waypoint. These are generally at the top. Don't forget the Russian and Neutral flights! Delete all these missions.

Do any modification that you want by adding missions etc.

Finally, decide which mission you want to fly. Look at the mission number. Let's say you play a campaign at day 1, +8 hour (after your 1st mission). Now you want to fly an Antiship mission which in SC Simulator is Nr. 705 and the takeoff is at 08:06:00. If the takeoff was at 00:12:00 or something like that, you could directly chose "Set Player Flight", but with +8 hours, or +16 hours this is NOT possible. So the trick is: Change to the desktop with WIN_Key+D, open xxx.cfg and look for the mission 704 (which is 705 in SC). In the waypoint section of the mission, you see something like


WAYPOINT 0 118 42 0 0 0 TAKE_OFF 8 6 0 -----------> change it to 0 6 0
WAYPOINT 1 99 48 200 0 0 REFUEL 8 16 41 -----------> change it to 0 16 41
WAYPOINT 2 200 64 120 0 0 NO_ACTION 8 55 29 ------> change it to 0 55 29
WAYPOINT 3 237 74 120 0 0 NO_ACTION 9 9 -28 --------> change it to 1 9 -28
WAYPOINT 4 200 64 120 0 0 NO_ACTION 9 23 -28 -----> change it to 1 23 -28
WAYPOINT 5 118 42 0 0 0 LANDING 9 55 -29 --------------> change it to 1 55 -29

Now, just substract 8 to the first number as shown above, save the file and re-open it with SC, you will then be able to chose the mission and "Set Player Flight" is available. Generate a briefing, set the victory conditions and save the simulation.

Now important: Re-open the xxx.cfg file and revert the changes !!! Your mission will now be at the top (number 0).


Transfer all the files into the 3DFX folder like explained above and you are go to start your "campaign" :icon_rock:

Use the SHIFT-S to get the taxi clearance and you are go... If you are too lazy to taxi, then use SHIFT-S again and you are directly placed on the runway together with your fellow wingmen. Good flight!


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So just to clarify, we only need to destroy flights that contain WAYPOINT 0 and LANDING in the same line, and we only need to subtract 8 or 16 from the designated player flight?

This sounds like something that can be automated by a VB app. I wouldn't build it into the launcher, but I could definitely integrate the feature to be called by the launcher and make it run if an option is selected.

I'm also assuming that the only flight that needs to be "zeroed" is the one to be selected as the player flight. Is that correct?

EDIT: Finally, does it matter the order in which things are done? For example, should I destroy the landing flights before zeroing the player flight, or could I zero the player flight, reload the mission into SC, then once the mission was set to player would I destroy the landing flights?

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So just to clarify, we only need to destroy flights that contain WAYPOINT 0 and LANDING in the same line, and we only need to subtract 8 or 16 from the designated player flight?

In a normal campaign, Once you have landed, a new campaign section for the next 8 hours will be built and some planes are still flying their missions, and some of them are about to land or flying at their landing waypoint. These flights have nothing to do with the player's flight you are going to chose, but their must all be deleted because SC will not start a simulation with planes to land as their first action. Once you have opened the xxx.cfg file in the Simulator of SC, you chose the first air missions on the top, then click SET START; if you see LANDING as a starting point, then this mission must be deleted. There are about 3-4 missions to delete for Nato & Russia, maybe 1 or 2 for the neutrals.

The starting points can be other than takeoff (see picture below), if there are set to waypoint 2, 3 etc. it's ok. All but the landing is ok.

I'm also assuming that the only flight that needs to be "zeroed" is the one to be selected as the player flight. Is that correct?

Yes, only if the takeoff is not 00:xx:xx, in that case you don't need to change it, because "Set Player Flight" will be available. Otherwise the waypoints must be changed because SC will NOT allow you to set the player for that flight. Also the total time for the mission must be from time 0 to 8 hours, if it lasts longer you can't either chose the flight, for example, look at the mouse pointer in this picture:

The mission starts at 07:38:00 and it's clear that it will last longer than the 0-8 hour time frame, that's why you cannot select Set Player Flight (see left of the mouse pointer: the option is greyed out, not selectable).

If you chose to fly an Escort mission, then you will have to "zero" the waypoint of the strike mission and the WW flight too. Tip: just delete the groups in SC and re-add them!

Also: it's not exactly a "zeroing", because you substract the number of hours necessary to get the takeoff at 0 x x. You must substract the later waypoints to the same amount (which could result in a positive number!).

EDIT: Finally, does it matter the order in which things are done? For example, should I destroy the landing flights before zeroing the player flight, or could I zero the player flight, reload the mission into SC, then once the mission was set to player would I destroy the landing flights?

Yes, the order is important, because it's essential that SC saves the file correctly once you have chosen the player's flight. So, first locate the mission you want to fly and do manually the waypoint change (zeroing) directly in the .cfg file, then re-open it in SC, make other changes you want and save. Then revert the zeroing.


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Oh, I didn't catch the reverting after zeroing part. So the order should be:

  1. zero the desired player flight
  2. enter SC and set as player flight
  3. perform any desired SC operations
  4. exit SC
  5. revert original times to player flight
  6. remove flights with landing in WP0
  7. copy files to GFX+/3DFX folder and launch EF2000

Is this correct?

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1. Enable "Don't adjust supplies.." in the Preferences before reading any campaign, I just realize that there are some problems (I'm investigating)

2. Transfer Mission.cfg > xxx.cfg

3. zero the desired player flight

4. enter SC and set as player flight

5. remove flights with landing in WP0

6. perform any desired SC operations (just before you should save the simulation, so if you do some mess, just quit without saving)

7. exit SC (before generate the briefing and victory conditions, disable "end mission if objective is reached")

8. revert original times to player flight

9. copy files to GFX+/3DFX folder and launch EF2000


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Thanks, XenonS.

I can't promise I'll get to it this week, but I'll give this a try and hopefully come up with the use case narrative for an executable that can automate much of this. I'll post the use case here.

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As a final note, the 9-step procedure above will yield good results, but you MUST enable "Do no adjust supplies" before reading any campaign. This means no CAS missions, no mobile supply units and SC will skip building any of his interesting additional missions which would allow you to hunt mobile units with Mavericks. The only supplies will come from the ships moving into ports and this only will have a minimal increase of assets during the campaign. That's how the normal campaign in any EF2000 version works anyway, plus you have the SC editing possibilies with the restrictions mentioned above.

Some technical facts for any modder:

The reason why SC supplies don't work in the Simulator part is: there is again a problem with the Landing waypoint. SC will replace any landing waypoint of land-based supply units (GBASED ..LAND_SUPPLY) from whatever it is to 99. Because the last waypoints have all different numbers, this cannot be adjusted with search/replace and it would require a lot of code to batch-replace anyway.

So basically, you have 2 ways to use Strategic Commander:


Use SC normally with "Adjust Supplies" enabled, but forget the idea to tranfer your campaign into 3DFX version. Do any editing you want, but absolutely respect the restrictions above. When you are finished, hit the EF2000 button in SC to go to EF2000 and start your mission.

SC will not like your editing choices in some cases, maybe you have added 2 refueling waypoints, you add too many groups, etc. etc. SC is not stable at all, and most of the time you won't know the reason of the crash.

The best method is: every time you come back from EF2000 to SC after your mission, make a Campaign Backup immediately before changing anything. Also, after any important editing step, save the campaign. This way, if it crashes you don't have to restart from scratch.

Repairing your campaign:

You can repair your campaign at any time: just launch EF2000 normally and chose "Continue Campaign". EF2000 will then re-write the files MISSION.CFG and CAMPAIGN.CG taking away all the possible flaws. All the occupation area and the number of assets are still the same, but all missions are re-generated (without the SC land supplies) and all naval operations are wiped out, no country having anymore ships. Launch SC again and supply missions will be added again, but you must manually add ships by going in the Order of Battle window and increase by 50 units every unit, at least the supply ships, oil tankers, Udaloys, Type 42 Destroyers. After 8 hours SC should then build new ship supply missions again. Re-adding ships is important, otherwise your ports and airbases will be starving and your campaign will end sooner than you like :)

Here some tips for editing with SC:

When creating any air mission, create it without any escort or WW, it's easier to adjust the waypoints for a single flight. When you are done, then add other groups and they will all be set to the same waypoints.

Instead of having an Escort group, it could be much more effective to program a CAP flight near your objective and reduce the CAP time accordingly, also it's possible to have your escort flight a totally different set of waypoints than yours, you can time all that with SC to meet planes at a specific point. The same goes for WW flights: use them to overfly most of the troublesome AA positions that forces you to fly around them. Again, you can assign them totally different waypoints than yours.

Do NOT delete any missions that are still airborne, SC will crash. (Such missions have a low number and are placed on the top).

Feel free to play the Commander in Chief by deleting any planed mission and replace it with the ones that suits your politics. Maybe you want to concentrate on EWR sites instead of airbase strikes. Just do it.

It's very effective to create an offensive AA ship mission (with 4 Type 42 destroyers) and make them patrol in a specific area, near the frontline (use the method told above). You can then send a refueler patrol above these ships and it will be super-protected by the ship's AA weapons! The generated refueler patrols are not useful because too near to the airports.

You have just finished a mission and you want to know what has happened exactly, how your wingmen and the other flights have performed? Open ReVive in EF2000 Reloaded and chose "Debriefing". This will show you all the details (much better than in EF2000). To know what units have generally been destroyed during the last 8 hours, open SUMO.txt in your game dir.


The second method to use SC: transfer your campaign as explained in the 9-steps above to the 3DFX version of EF2000. But then, you must play WITHOUT the SC supply features, chose "Disable Adjust supplies" in the Preference menu of SC before reading any campaign.

Yes, it will look much, much better with the Antialiasing effects and you still have all the editing possibilities of SC, but... it's not exactly like a real campaign. There will be NO difference in playing the mission compared to a normal campaign (I have tested that), but at the end of your mission, you won't know what has happened in the last 8 hours, only a little debriefing including you, your flight and the other groups , but no exhaustive statistics are shown like in the real campaign. So as told above, you will have to adjust the results in your real SC campaign by making an 8 hour time skip and make the changes manually. Tip: instead of making an 8-hour time skip, enter any plane and chose "End mission", this will give you a debriefing (SUMO.txt) and statistics. At the start, preferably chose a campaign where the player result will NOT influence the campaign.


For all those really interested in editing campaigns, taking control of operations etc: I cannot resist to mention here the wonderful TAW project: Download the newest 2.30 package and see for yourself. You will have al the possibility of SC and much, much more :)

SC is for EF2000 what TAWBC is for TAW and...this time with very few glitches and crashes!


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