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DCS World weekly fly-in

Home Fries

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With the cancellation of our weekly Total Air War fly-in, we are converting our DCS World fly-in to a semi-weekly basis.

We meet on the Black Veal Squadron Discord Server at 20:00 Wednesday Eastern Time and 20:00 Saturday Eastern Time.   Times remain 20:00 Eastern regardless of standard or daylight times.
We will be flying the Co-op missions, though we may go Head-to-Head if we get enough people to join.

Please have the latest version of DCS World installed, and ensure that your microphone is working prior to joining the channel. We require people to use voice comms to participate in the fly-ins.  Note that the BVS Discord channel access requires a verified email account and a Discord membership for longer than 5 minutes.  Both of these requirements are to deter TKers and griefers.

We're not A-10C/Ka-50 hardcore only types; we fly FC3 and the Su-25T as well as the hardcore modules (and often in the same mission!). All we ask is that you have basic competence in your chosen aircraft (i.e. able to cold start and get airborne, as well as basic weapons employment skills). If you have LotATC, you're also welcome to join (our hosts run LotATC Server).

Please post if you are interested, so we know how many to expect, or just show up and surprise us. Likewise, please let us know what modules you have and what planes (and even what mission) you would like to fly. On the flip side, if a mission requires a specific skin or skin pack, then as long as we know you're coming we'll give you a heads-up of what you need to download and install prior to start time.

See you in the not-so-friendly skies!

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Great to hear, Matteo.

I just have some questions so that we know what kinds of missions to run:

  • What modules do you have?
  • What modules/aircraft do you like?
  • What types of missions do you prefer?
  • Is there an aircraft or system that you would like to learn better through experience?
Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Don't forget our TAW fly-ins on Wednesday either. :)
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Hey HF,
In term of modules I have all of them except Mi-8MTV2 (which just got discounted so I might actually buy it :-)).
The modules I normally plays are FC3 modules (especially su-27/Mig-29/F15 and Su25T).
The type of mission I would like though would be CAP/CAS or pure strike air to ground mission (something I never really achieved with DCS modules for some reasons and yes I know the Warthog is excellent for that but what can I say :-)).
Finally in term of complex/full fidelity aircraft/avionic I would like to master the Black Shark to start with but I am still a novice ...
I'll see you on Saturday !
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Thanks, Matteo.

We often fly a mission called "Asset Extraction" which includes pretty much every module made, and the threat is scalable to the type and number of aircraft in the mission. In other words, hop in a Su-25T and you'll get more SAMs, hop in an A-10 for more tanks, and hop in a F-15 or Su-27 to have enemy fighters head across the border. This is a fun mission, and can be different every time you fly it if you choose different aircraft.

I have also converted most of the "Fortress Mozdok" Su-27 campaign missions to multiplayer, including one that is a combined Su-27/Su-25 option. There's also the F-15C campaign that was released as a set of multiplayer missions.

Finally, I tweaked the "Huey Drop" mission to add UH-1 Gunships and A-10s, though (like Asset Extraction) the threat level goes up if people hop into them instead of using UH-1 "Slicks". You mentioned that you want to get good at the Ka-50. I highly recommend getting proficient with the Huey. The systems are simpler, there's no autopilot assist (the "autopilot" is a mechanism for telling the co-pilot to take over), and it's very "seat of the pants" flying. If you get proficient with the Huey, the act of flying the Ka-50 will be much easier, allowing you to spend your time with the multitude of switches and systems. Huey Drop is great for learning how to transition the Huey between low level, high speed and landing in a matter of seconds, and landing in enclosed spaces under fire. Besides, there are some airmobile missions I'm dying to try. ;) BTW, I'm also in the process of learning the Ka-50 myself.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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I just saw Skeeter's post that he's unable to show for the 6/14 fly-in, and I'm highly doubtful as well (my wife decided to throw a party that evening). If anybody plans to show up, please post here. Otherwise we'll cancel this week's event.

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This one took place a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to uploading it.


In this pic, I'm flying the 05 helo with Skeeter on my wing. Nephilim is off camera to the right (over water). We just escorted a convoy through enemy territory with ambushes (including SAMbushes) along the way, and we flipped on our nav lights as part of the victory celebration.

Skins are from my HMLA-167 "Warriors" Skin Pack.

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Wow! I just have to say that in regards to tonight's flight, I haven't had this much fun since the first time we beat Asset Extraction!

Neph, Skeeter, and I started the Guardians of the Caucasus campaign, a brilliant third party dynamic campaign for DCS World. The mission was fun and immersive, and is proof of what a talented individual can do with the DCS Mission Builder. The campaign definitely has a Falcon 4.0 feel to it, with lots of crazy radio comms, friendly SAMs engaging incoming bandits, and your SA bubble gets so small you could pick it up with tweezers. :rofl:

The final tally: Neph lawn-darted after pulling too much AOA while dogfighting with a F-4E. I bagged 2 Phantoms and one F-5, lost engine power, and performed an air start. I saw the ground getting close so I pushed the throttles into afterburner while the RPM was coming up and next thing I knew my plane exploded! :wtf: Skeeter was the last one standing, and we vectored him into a retreating F-4. It seems that the Phantom had a low heat signature as 3 IR missiles went dumb, but at least you can't jam cannon rounds. Skeeter took out one of the engines with cannon, and the Phantom continued to retreat while burning oil. Skeeter came around for a second pass, got him with a heater this time, then turned to base. Unfortunately, spending that long in afterburner at low altitude is bad for the ol' fuel gauge, and when the fuel gauge dies, bad things happen. Skeeter glided as long as he could, but nobody has ever confused the MiG-21 with a glider, so that excursion ended with a nylon letdown.

Bottom line: we gave better than we took, and we're all looking forward to the next mission!

If anybody else is interested, feel free to join us. There are eight slots in the campaign, and those that don't get filled by humans get filled by AI.

EDIT: Even if you don't have the MiG-21, we'd be happy to have someone playing AWACS/GCI for us. We run with LotATC server so were compatible with LotATC, or F10 view works as well.

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Ran Erase and Replace tonight with Neph as SEAD and Skeeter and I driving Huey gunships.

After the mission completed, I was playing "I'm not touching you" with Neph, seeing how close I could get the Huey to his 25T without actually touching. I'll be changing my callsign to "annoying little brother." :rofl:

Screenies from my perspective:




And it was all safe because I had my anti-collision lights on! :rofl:

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That's actually the way the Army does it (I know the skin is for the Marines, but the skinner used the default Army pilot). They put the flag on the right shoulder and reverse it so that the stripes stream aft.

Funny thing is that the default skin had the flag "forward" until I mentioned the correction to Belsimtek.

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Chicken with Shilkas

We flew Asset Extraction this evening, and due to some (ahem) trigger issues, Skeeter arrived in his Huey to pick up the package, only to have the package wait for the AI Blackhawks that were inbound. This made for a very interesting conclusion to the mission.

Since we expected Skeeter to be flying out of the valley to the north rather than to the east and then north along the river, Neph was clearing the Zu-23s along the expected path of travel. With the AI in-game, we realized almost too late that they would be taking the long way around (and the way we hadn't scouted). Neph had to rearm his Su-25T and was just taking off when the AI Blackhawks took off to the east. I was flying CAP in the "not a pound for air to ground" F-15C so I was keeping the Blackhawks in sight and scouting the area. I went north along the river and saw three ZSU-23-4 Shilkas waiting to pounce. Neph was still 28 miles away when the Blackhawks turned north and came within range of the Shilkas. Since I had seen them, I put some cannon rounds in their vicinity, and Skeeter followed the tracers to the target. Unfortunately, radar guided cannons tend to do better than visually guided miniguns, and Skeeter was taken out of action. I was north of the Shilkas, and I saw an opportunity to hit them while they were looking the other way. I dove in on the targets and fired the cannon, but with an Air to Air pipper it was "walking the tracers" guesswork, and I was out of ammo before I got a hit. The Blackhawks were still bearing down on the Shilkas, so I did one last ditch effort to get their attention: I climbed, went into afterburner, then dove in on them and flew past them at 20 feet (sorry, no screenshots of that; I was a little busy at the time ;) ). I got their attention, flew past them, and then took a boatload of 23mm rounds. I ended up losing both generators, so most of my electrical was gone, I was running on battery, I was down to steam gauges and hydraulics, and my caution panel looked like this:


You'll notice that all stability augmentation was bent as well, so I was flying "stick and rudder" on one engine the whole way home.

I finally made it to Beslan, lined up, dropped the gear and got the down and locked indication. At least I had enough hydraulics to drop gear and flaps, though my speedbrake wasn't working and I didn't dare slow to a normal landing speed with only one engine and no stability augmentation.

So I came in a little hot...

and it turned out...

that my gear indications were lying! :o

The partially deployed mainmounts collapsed on contact, and the nose gear was only partially deployed as well. What happened is a 180 pivoting on the nosewheel, and a landing that I could walk away from!

Note: the damage you see is from the Shilkas, not the landing.


Well at least the Blackhawks made it back with only a few bullet holes for their troubles. Since it was our job to extract a valuable asset, I played chicken with shilkas and won!

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  • 1 month later...

Welcome, Krusty, to the Black Veal Squadron.

Unfortunately, I have only a static shot of Krusty's F-15C in the model viewer; I was too busy pranging my own aircraft to take screenshots, but I should hopefully have some action shots of Krusty's ride in the next update.


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We flew "Erase and Replace" and "Asset Extraction" again this evening. Both missions are good for learning how to employ the Su-25T. I flew the Ka-50 in E&R and the F-15C in Asset Extraction. In both missions, Skeeter flew the UH-1 and Neph and Krusty flew the Su-25T. Neph, as usual, was a freakin' wizard in the Tankavoy, and Krusty is really coming along in what could be the most difficult fixed wing aircraft in DCS.

We likely bankrupted the military budget with the number of crashes we had in Asset Extraction; Skeeter was the only one to finish the mission in one piece. One thing is for sure: nobody will mistake me for Chuck Yeager in the F-15. Nothing quite like bagging 4 MiG-23s (including 2 with guns), only to auger in via approach turn stall on final to Beslan. :sofa1:

In other news, the July 4th fly-in is cancelled due to the holiday. See you all Wednesday, July 8.

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As promised, I finally got some action shots of Krusty in his Su-25T:

Taking off, loaded for SEAD with 2xKh58 and 4xKh25ML for SHORAD/AAA


A SHORAD pops up close-in. Krusty, in his best Top Gun voice, is "Too close for missiles...switching to guns!"


Nobody said the Su-25T was easy, especially on a strafing run. After firing long (but avoiding a fatal case of dirt poisoning), Krusty breaks off target while popping chaff and flares.


In between, we pranged lots of aircraft (including an induced roll of unknown origin on final that forced my ejection), but made the SA-11s fear the Black Veal Squadron!

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History was made this evening. Krusty got his first air to air kill...and with a Vikhr no less!

Flying toward the target area, Krusty got a lock on a moving target. He fired his Vikhr, then asked why that truck was moving so fast. That "truck" was Skeeter's UH-1 flying over the target area. :sofa1:

Next week, we're doing remedial training on communications and deconfliction in a close air support environment. :rofl:

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In Krusty's defense (I was looking over his shoulder when it happened), there was no way to see the Huey because the blue "Skeeter UH-1H" label was obstructing the silhouette. :rofl:

Actually, we couldn't make out the Huey on the shkval because of the urban background that obscured the shape. It was just one of those "what's this mountain goat doing way up here in the cloud bank?" moments. :doh2:

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