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Poll: Ka-50 Autopilot Switch mapping for TARGET profile

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Polling has concluded. Based on poll results, the BA/RA and DH/DT switches have been remapped to the actual switch positions on the Autopilot panel.

I would like your opinion on how best to map the Ka-50 Altitude (radar/barometric) and Desired Heading/Desired Track switches on the Right MFD.
Currently, I have them mapped as TEMPO Long (or S3 enabled) buttons corresponding with their channel, i.e. DH/DT is logically paired with Heading Hold and BA/RA is paired with Altitude Hold.
This keeps things simple if you're looking at the MFD, as you can intuitively know that holding Hdg Hold will cycle DH/DT and Alt Hold will cycle BA/RA.

However, the Ka-50 has the switches in opposite order (i.e. BA/RA on left, and DH/DT on right) like so:
If you find yourself looking at the in-game console while pressing the buttons, it makes more sense to map the switches this way.

So my question to you is How do you think the next version of the Ka-50 MFD should be mapped? Should I leave it as is (option 1) or map BA/RA to ROSB3 and DH/DT to ROSB4 (option 2)?

Please feel free to explain your rationale in this thread.

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