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Janes F-15 Alpha Limit and Override GlovePIE

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Crude Janes F-15 Alpha/G Limit and Override GlovePIE

This script doesn't eliminate the excessive porpoising, but makes it more tolerable while still allowing full authority with forward stick at all times.

Also includes nonlinearity on the X, Y, and pedal axes.

The limit part is this:

if key.F4 then var.nly = var.nlym * var.nlys else var.nly = ensurerange(var.nlym * var.nlys, -1.0, 0.75)

With key.F4 as the override being what I already had assigned on the pinkie button for VR cockpit. Change it to whatever you want... joystick button or key press.

I get between a 8-9 G limit at high speed and about 40 alpha at low speeds, give or take between the two. Override for that extra oomph to do a cobra missile shot or to nose towards the ground to build speed.

I recommend changing the deadbands inside the sim to zero and setting your Mil power.

As always, axis and button assignments are up to you for whatever HOTAS you have and can be changed with Find/Replace in the script or through different PPJoy axis assignments.

You'll have to make the virtual axis the preferred one in Windows under the control panel - game controllers - advanced.

PPJoy X65 Axis Arrangement:

Axis 1 (Analog 0): X Axis
Axis 2 (Analog 1): Y Axis
Axis 3 (Analog 2): Z Axis
Axis 4 (Analog 3): X Rotation
Axis 5 (Analog 4): Y Rotation
Axis 6 (Analog 5): Z Rotation
Axis 7 (Analog 6): Slider

//Saitek X65 plus pedals zeroing fix buttons NonLinear Pedal Fix Smooth Trims F-15 Pinkie Alpha Override

var.nlxs = sign(Joystick2.x)
var.nlxm = abs(Joystick2.x)^(1.3)
var.nlx = var.nlxm * var.nlxs

var.nlys = sign(Joystick2.y)
var.nlym = abs(Joystick2.y)^(1.3)
if key.F4 then var.nly = var.nlym * var.nlys else var.nly = ensurerange(var.nlym * var.nlys, -1.0, 0.75) // if any key or button you want, right now I have the pinkie joystick2.button4 "C" on the X65 set as VR pit and use that

var.button4 = key.F4

var.nlzrots = sign(Joystick1.zrot)
var.nlzrotm = abs(Joystick1.zrot)^(1.3)
var.nlzrot = var.nlzrotm * var.nlzrots

PPJoy1.Analog0 = var.nlx
PPJoy1.Analog1 = var.nly - smooth(joystick2.yrot, 10) * 0.5
PPJoy1.Analog2 = Joystick2.z

if var.nlzrot = 0 then {
var.pedalfix = -0.999999
var.pedalfix = var.nlzrot // pedals

PPJoy1.Analog5 = var.pedalfix - smooth(joystick2.xrot, 10) * 0.5

var.s0 = Joystick2.x
var.s1 = Joystick2.y
var.s2 = Joystick2.z
var.s3 = Joystick2.xrot
var.s4 = Joystick2.yrot
var.s5 = Joystick1.zrot
var.s6 = Joystick2.slider

var.p0 = PPJoy1.Analog0
var.p1 = PPJoy1.Analog1
var.p2 = PPJoy1.Analog2
var.p3 = PPJoy1.Analog3
var.p4 = PPJoy1.Analog4
var.p5 = PPJoy1.Analog5
var.p6 = PPJoy1.Analog6

PPJoy1.Digital0 = Joystick2.Button1
PPJoy1.Digital1 = Joystick2.Button2
PPJoy1.Digital2 = Joystick2.Button3
PPJoy1.Digital3 = Joystick2.Button4
PPJoy1.Digital4 = Joystick2.Button5
PPJoy1.Digital5 = Joystick2.Button6
PPJoy1.Digital6 = Joystick2.Button7
PPJoy1.Digital7 = Joystick2.Button8
PPJoy1.Digital8 = Joystick2.Button9
PPJoy1.Digital9 = Joystick2.Button10
PPJoy1.Digital10 = Joystick2.Button11
PPJoy1.Digital11 = Joystick2.Button12
PPJoy1.Digital12 = Joystick2.Button13
PPJoy1.Digital13 = Joystick2.Button14
PPJoy1.Digital14 = Joystick2.Button15
PPJoy1.Digital15 = Joystick2.Button16
PPJoy1.Digital16 = Joystick2.Button17
PPJoy1.Digital17 = Joystick2.Button18
PPJoy1.Digital18 = Joystick2.Button19
PPJoy1.Digital19 = Joystick2.Button20
PPJoy1.Digital20 = Joystick2.Button21
PPJoy1.Digital21 = Joystick2.Button22
PPJoy1.Digital22 = Joystick2.Button23
PPJoy1.Digital23 = Joystick2.Button24
PPJoy1.Digital24 = Joystick2.Button25
PPJoy1.Digital25 = Joystick2.Button26
PPJoy1.Digital26 = Joystick2.Button27
PPJoy1.Digital27 = Joystick2.Button28
PPJoy1.Digital28 = Joystick2.Button29
PPJoy1.Digital29 = Joystick2.Button30
PPJoy1.Digital30 = Joystick2.Button31

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