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Any new AARs to report for the resurgence of EF2000?

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First of all I would like to give thanks to all of the efforts to improve on one of the best combat flight simulators ever, IMHO! It is a remarkable achievement of all of the improvements made and a testimony to the dedication of those who felt the need to bring back this classic! My thanks and appreciation goes out to you. I haven't tried Strategic Commander yet but plan to but did find a copy of the old Revive program from years ago. I am in the process of relearning all that I have forgotten over the years but gleefully look forward to it. In the meantime, while going through the EF2000 strategy guide I came across an AAR that I printed off from 1997(!). It was posted to the old EF2000~gamers.org site. Below is the text of the email. Maybe some of you guys are familiar with the person that wrote it. I would love to read more AARs as I get back into this marvelous sim!

Ric “Harpy” Cohn Sweetman wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Todays “Handy Hint” for those not aware of it.
> I recently flew a custom strike mission as a lone aircraft. The plan
> was, after looking at existing strike packages, that I’d try to co­
> ordinate my TOT. with a group that was bombing the hangers at the same
> airfield. On the Ingress, I spotted two large (total 20 aircraft)
> Russian strike packages take off from my target and a neigbouring
> airfield.rearm and refuel at a NATO field, and if I’d missed the time slot with
> the other NATO strike, I would just sit around until I saw another
> flight heading in the direction of my own target.
> So, I intercepted the fighters escorting russian strike one, ran away
> <G>, and intercepted the fighters escorting russian strike two. I
> became winchester during the second interception, with the result that I
> had 3 x SU35 chasing me Southwest along the coastline.
> I was now wondering about the wisdom of my thinking. Then I remembered.
> The *only* NATO SAM and AAA that actually fire at anything are the ones
> defending NATO bases. I headed towards the nearest NATO base (about 80
> miles away). The bandits followed. In essence, I kept adjusting heading
> and speed to keep those bandits chasing and locking me up, but always
> heading for the base. As I approached it, I descended to low level, and
> directly overilew it, keeping on the same heading. The bandits
> followed, right over the airfield, where SAM (Rapier) and AAA splashed
> all three.
> This got me thinking. So now I landed at the same base, refuelled and
> rearmed, and went off to intercept the remaining WW (2) and bombers (4)
> from Russian Strike two. I killed those, and being winchester (again),
> went for a cannon interception of the six remaining bombers (SU34) from
> strike one. I slid gently in behind them, selected the tail end
> charlie, and despatched him. All hell let loose. The remaining five
> went in all different directions to turn towards me and I blasted
> through the middle with burners on, and turned back towards the
> airfield. To my delight, they all followed.
> Using the same tactic, I went straight over the airfield, with the
> bombers between 7 and 20 miles behind me. The icing on the cake was the
> sight of a 2 ship EFA CAP take off about two minutes before I reached
> the base. Hehe...
> Anyway, by the time I turned back to the ensuing mayhem over the
> airfield, only two SU34 were still airborne and both were smoking. I
> closed on one for a guns kill, but before I got to him, one of the CAP
> splashed him with an ASRAAM. The other exploded in mid-air.
> I landed again, and resumed my original mission. Although I destroyed
> the runway, a sneaky SAM with didn’t light up his RADAR until I was
> right over the target got me almost before I knew about the launch. So
> no happy ending i’m afraid.
> Anyway, sony if i’ve rambled, but I thought that this little tactic
> might save your butt in the right situation.
Any thoughts is appreciated! Thanks guys! :icon_bow:

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