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Likely Reason for "Asset Extraction" Crash in DCSW 1.2.9

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This appears to be a bug in 1.2.9, and not the mission itself.

Also tried the saving trick. Did not work. I can play it in single player mode( the crash i described earlier is because of another bug with the a 10a)
But multiplayer crashes upon loading.
I have the crash logs attached if it might be of any help.
The windows event viewer says that the problem is the file: DCS World\bin\wRadio.dll

Repair did not help and I never used any mods...

Most likely the crash is related to the bug described in that post:
In short:

Any mission with AI aircraft that have the "Comm" checkbox UNCHECKED in the Mission Editor will Crash to Desktop when loaded via the Multiplayer Client. You will then get the "DCS has stopped working" message box.

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