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Alive and better that ever

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Hey guys as some of you know and some that don't cliffs of dover is alive and thriving

All thanks to a group of modders called Team Fusion these guys picked up the pieces and bought cliffs of dover to where it is today

IL2 cliffs of dover can be bought as cheap as $9 on steam

So if your a hard core simmer who wants to duke it out on a full real server check it out

So I'm going to put a few videos and you can judge for yourself enjoy and thanks for your time

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Great videos!

I bought Clod on it's release 31/3/11 but have almost never played it.

While it can look absolutely amazing over water, flying over an empty London shows just how far flight sims need to go in creating a believable world.

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Great point, Mikew. I have both the Clod and BOBII, but could not get the original versions installed right on XP or a laptop W 7. An earnest attempt of doing that with the mods is in order for me, but my lack of confidence in my basic computer skills has held me back. Bet they would look great in this machine.

Meanwhile I stay with the Prepar3D and its graphics that do have the moving car animations. They are not really part of a flying skills environment aside from the airport area presentation and visual fixes, but they help the immersion.

You guys have done wonders with the F-22 TAW, and continue to improve it. For that you have my thanks and appreciation for the hard work.

If I can get over my last debacle and get my computer skills up without causing a clusterfl*^#ck on my keyboard and elsewhere, I know I will enjoy TAW 2.30, BOBII and Clod a lot more.

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