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This Day in WWII 30 October 1940 - 1944


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autocaroct1943.jpg Autocar Ad - October 1943

marthavickers01.jpg Martha Vickers

1940: RAF Bomber Command is given its first directive sanctioning area-bombing.

avagardnerhalloween.jpg Ava Gardner

1941: The worsening weather and seas of mud bring the German offensive against Moscow almost to a standstill. This gives the Red Army precious time to reinforce their defences in front of Moscow.

adelejergenshalloween.jpg Adele Jergens

1942: The completion of the Alcan Highway is announced--1,671 miles of road connecting Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and Fairbanks, Alaska. The road will be used to transport supplies and troops to U.S. military bases in Alaska.

annsavagehalloween.jpg Ann Savage

1944: The Debrecen counter attacks end with the Germans claiming that they have inflicted 25,000 casualties and destroyed 600 tanks. However, this doesn't hinder the Red Army begins a major offensive in to Hungary.

terrymoore3.jpg Terry Moore

1944: The gas chambers at Auschwitz are used for the last time.

phylliscoateswitch.jpg Phyllis Coates

pontiacoct1943.jpg Pontiac Ad - October 1943

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