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F22 Total Air War Source Code available

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Hi guys ,

We have start a project to improve F22 TAW and correct bug add enchacement an many other features.

For this we need the source code, we have receive the agreement of ATARI to use it with certain restriction who we dont know at this moment.

So for this project we are looking for Programmer c/c++ , opengl / direct-x coder, 3d modeling for the aircraft model and cockpit design, and many more poeple with good skill.

If you want to be in the F22 TAW MOD Project, come on www.f22taw.com register and post your candidature on the forum in the Topic MOD TEAM RECRUTE !!

Presente yourself and enum your skill.

F22TAW.COM is also the best ressources on the net for the game F22 Air Dominance Fighter including Red Sea Operation and F22 Total Air War.

We are looking for some moderator to manage section on the website if you want to give your time for the community your are welcome.

Regards Moms_Killer.


Communciation Coordinator.

Url : http://www.f22taw.com

Mail : info@f22taw.com

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Hi again,

Yesterday i get the "Letter Agreement " from Atari so we can start the project and we are looking for guys we good skill in coding C++ , opengl , texture design, 3D model designer etc....

All help are welcome.

Come and register on www.f22taw.com and post your skill on the forum in the topic " MOD TEAM RECRUTEMENT".

Regards moms_killer.

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Hey, that's really good news :) I'm always glad to see source code released for popular games, so many years down the track, to breathe new life into it. IMHO there's a lot of games out there (EAW for instance) that could be improved even further if the source was available. I wish the team best of luck with this and will hopefully try the end product. I've never actually played TAW before ( :unsure: ) mainly because I could never find it to buy and I don't use eBay. Maybe I will now, though :)

If you need any basic texture artists or something I could give a hand as well, perhaps.

Good luck :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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