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Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS replacement main spring

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Hi gang.

Just posting to gauge interest for a softer replacement main spring for the Thrustmaster Warthog controller.

I've found a spring manufacturer that is reasonable that is willing to provide a small run of springs to replace the overly strong, elbow wrecking, near impossible to dogfight smoothly with...main spring. I've seen too many hack jobs that tie the main spring down, and then are never level nor consistent in feedback or centering. Of course if someone wanted to go the route of adding a longer stick, that seems to be the only other real option.

As for the softer main spring to replace the existing nasty one, I will be ordering for myself but depending on how many may be solidly interested, may be able to help provide a group buy. Numbers look like this currently:

"Custom compression spring, 3.700 OD, .120 music wire, 3.150 free length, 5 total coils, right hand wound, ends closed and ground, plain finish

6 – 37.00 each
12 – 22.00 each
25 – 11.80 each
50 – 6.80 each
100 – 3.95 each"

Turnaround time would be about 3 weeks total once the order is finalized by best estimate. Other manufacturers quoted literally nonsensical prices for this spring and it should directly replace the stock one.

I realize this may be my first post, but you call the ball. I love my Warthog and just want it working like it should have been done from the factory.

Thanks and shoot me some feedback. Dave

P.S. this will be likely be cross-posted to gauge interest on other forums

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If you fly a lot of WW2 I could see why you might want softer springs, but I would want as tight as I could go for modern tacair. A tighter spring helps you control and limit your motions, allowing an easier time doing things like aerial refueling and formation flying.

You mentioned a stick extension. This makes the spring feel softer, but what it really does is allow smaller movements for the same physical amount of stick deflection, which is also a win-win. I've seen a warthog mod where the stick extension comes with extra springs mounted to a floorboard in order to offset the torque you get from the longer lever arm.

I'm also a Cougar owner myself, BTW.

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Thanks for that info! Yes, trying to use this stick mostly for WWII sims. Perhaps I need to create a virtual cockpit which might put my arms etc in the right positions. Besides, I haven't bought or built anything yet that the wifey says no to. :) She's a keeper.

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