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This Day in WWII 6 December 1939 - 1945 *1938


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WestinghouseAd-Dec1942.jpg Westinghouse Ad - December 1942

1939: Soviet attacks against the Mannerheim line are beaten back by the Finns with heavy Red Army casualties.

1939: Germany warns neutral ships not to resist the British blockade.

1939: Britain agrees to send arms to Finland, which is fighting off a Soviet invasion.

Ursula%20Andress1.jpg **Ursula Andress

1940: The Western Desert Force, begins Training Exercise No.2. This was a 60 mile approach march to their concentration point, designated Piccadilly, approximately 20 miles south of Maktila.

1940: War Guilt trial in Vichy France indicts MM Blum, Daladier, La Chambre and Gen. Gamelin.

1940: Greeks occupy Santi Quaranta, Albania. Italian Supreme Commander Badoglio resigns at his own request; replaced by Gen. Cavallero.

Ursula%20Andress2.jpg Ursula Andress

1941: President Roosevelt sends a last minute plea to the Japanese Emperor for peace.

1941: Britain declares war on both Finland and Hungary.

1941: Zhukov extends the Red Army's counter-offensive along the whole Moscow axis in an attempt to prevent Panzer Groups 3 and 4 from outflanking Moscow from the northeast. To launch this offensive, Zhukov uses 4 armies on the right flank of his own West Front.

HigginsIndustriesAd-Dec1943.jpg Higgins Industries Ad - December 1943

1943: Monte Carnino is finally taken by U.S. Fifth Army.

1944: The Japanese capture Tushan, South of the Nationalist capital of Chungking.

Ursula%20Andress3.jpg Ursula Andress

1945: The United States extends a $3 billion loan to Great Britain to help compensate for the termination of the Lend-Lease agreement.

*1938: France and Germany sign a treaty of friendship.

Ursula%20Andress4.jpg Ursula Andress

**Andress was born on March 19, 1936 in Ostermundigen, Bern, Switzerland, the daughter of Anna, who was Swiss, and Rolf Andress, a German diplomat who was expelled from Switzerland for political reasons. He disappeared during World War II. Andress has four sisters and one brother. She is fluent in English, French, Italian, and her native German (Swiss German). The young Andress started her career as an art model in Rome, which led to her first roles in the Italian movie industry.

Andress became famous as Honey Ryder, a shell diver and James Bond's object of desire in "Dr. No" (1962), the first Bond movie. In a well-known scene, she rises out of the Caribbean Sea in a white bikini. The scene made Andress the "quintessential" Bond girl, and is now considered iconic. "My entrance in the film wearing the bikini on that beautiful beach made me world famous as 'the Bond girl'", she said, and the bikini from this "classic moment in cinema and Bond history" sold for £35,000 at auction in 2001. In 2003, in a UK Survey by Channel 4, her entrance in "Dr. No" was voted #1 in "the 100 Greatest Sexy Moments". In 2007, Australian series 20 to 1 ranked her entrance in "Dr. No" as the #2 Sexiest Movie Moment.

Ursula%20Andress5.jpg Ursula Andress

Andress won a 1964 Golden Globe award for New Star of the Year for her performance in "Dr. No." Her voice was provided by Nikki van der Zyl while the famous calypso was sung by Diana Coupland. In 1965, she posed nude for Playboy.

Andress co-starred with Elvis Presley in the 1963 film, "Fun in Acapulco", with Frank Sinatra in "4 for Texas" (1963), opposite Marcello Mastroianni in "The 10th Victim" (1965), and as the countess in "The Blue Max" (1966). She also appeared in the Bond satire "Casino Royale" (1967) as Vesper Lynd, an occasional spy who persuades Evelyn Tremble, as played by Peter Sellers, to carry out a mission. Her heavy accent was dubbed over in "Dr. No", but she used her own voice in Casino Royale.

In 1981's "Clash of the Titans", she co-starred with Harry Hamlin. In 1995, Andress was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the "100 Sexiest Stars in film history."


Measurements: 35-21-35 as starlet in 1955; 37 1/2-22-35 on set of Dr. No (1962); 38C-25-36 on 55th birthday 1991 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)


John Derek (2 February 1957 - 1966) (divorced)

Lived with Harry Hamlin from 1978 to 1982, giving birth to their son Dimitri Hamlin in 1980.

Has lived together with Lorenzo Rispoli since 1983.

She had a very troubled relationship with James Dean. One tabloid reported at the time that Dean was learning German so they could "argue in another language".

On the day of his death, James Dean asked her to go with him to San Francisco in his Porsche 550 Spyder, but after talking to John Derek, he realized that she felt in love with the latter, so he left Los Angeles without her (30 September 1955).

NorthAmericanAviationAd-Dec1944.jpg North American Aviation Ad - December 1944

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