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Pacific Air War

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The original Pacific Air War installs in dosbox, but the Scenario Add-On and Gold versions have digital sounds which require additional configuration. Also, the Scenario Add-On requires extra installation steps. An installation guide for the Scenario Add-On and some information on the Gold version are here: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=41643.

Both the Add-On and Gold versions have a multiplayer option via a modem, a device which dosbox emulates and allows for modem-to-modem connections across the internet. Note that the Gold version is setup for Windows 3.1, but the game itself runs in DOS; 3.1 is required for the multimedia extras and for the sound utility, although the DOS based utility from the Scenario Add-On should work with the Gold version (may also require copying over the INSTALL.INF file and making simple edits).

This "prop sim" complements the jet combat sim EF2000 in that both run in dosbox along with the multiplayer option.

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