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Buy Falcon 4.0 AF as digital download?

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Thanks HF.

I actually was able to find both Falcon AF and vanilla Falcon 4.0.

You're right. Falcon 4.0 with BMS runs much better and looks better than Falcon 4.0 AF.

That being said, i tried some of the training missions in BMS and the detail is staggering. The people who created it are insane. ( in a good way!)

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Well if you need any help I can offer some assistance.. but my Advice is to take this 1 bite at a time it is rather a large elephant to take in all at once.. Just start with the basics like Taxing and takeoff.. then try some landings there are tons of guides on youtube so check them out first to get a idea how to land.. Then do some navigating missions to learn how to go to specific waypoints and all..

The trainging mission for that one is good try that.. Also once you feel you mastered the basics try some combat..

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They might be referring to previous version of BMS (i.e. 2.xx), which was mostly a graphics engine on top of the original buggy campaign engine. BMS 4.32 is a ground up project that surpasses AF in almost every way (the campaign in AF is slightly better IMO, but not enough to matter). I know when I flew earlier versions of Falcon I would always hold my breath between when I exited the campaign mission and made it to the debrief screen, hoping that my work wouldn't be blotted out by a CTD. No worries like that in BMS 4.32 (or AF for that matter).

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