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Multiplayer 2015???


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Hi guys, i'm a newbye and i'm italian, so sorry for my bad english. I have F-22 from long time,and i finished all campaigns, but i never played multiplayer!

If u want we can organize something to do coop mission or dogfight.. I search by years people to play f-22 taw, but i never found one. If u are interested can conctact me on pm, or in this post, and we can exchange our facebook or skype contacts to organize some flight.

Thank u a lot guys!!! Bye!!

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I am Italian too (but I live in Ireland) and have been played with TAW 2.0 for a while. Currently, they normally play on Wednesday night (12/1am), I joined occasionally and it is immense fun. Only problem is that the time is not particularly timezone friendly.

We tried for a while to set up a second date for european players but we didn't have many players etc ... so it didn't last long.

Send me a pm and we can try and organize something (and speak Italian all we want ;-)).

Ciao !


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Hey, so we managed to meet up but we had trouble connecting to a server. I couldn't see his server at all, and he could see my server, but got a direct play error when trying to connect.. It's been a while since I last set up TAW for Multiplayer, but I think I got it right.... Still, We couldn't get it working, not even with hamachi....

Homefries? Nephilim? Are you guys going to be around tomorrow at (sat 30.01.2015, 22:00 GMT) so maybe you can try to connect to my server etc and troubleshoot this issue? Dany has to work but from what I understood he might make it around 22:30 GMT, if not maybe a bit later.. I know you guys have DCS planned, so I dont want to keep you guys too busy..

Thanks!! Cheeers!!

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Sorry Eagle I was Painting my sister house had to do the ceilings

Hey no worries I also actually got Friday and Saturday mixed up a little bit.. But I also wasnt able to make the Saturday flyin. Maybe we can somehow coordinate again with Dany to try to figure out his Firewall issue... He had Teamviewer, which helped alot in being able to literally see what we were dealing with...

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Gents, I'll probably be a little late; having a water heater issue and I need to go to the Home Depot this evening.

Neph, to give you a starting point:

  • there is both a wired and wireless connection (laptop). Wired is .228 and that's what we forwarded to.
  • the PF port checker couldn't determine that any ports were open
  • We configured the router for DMZ, and still couldn't get the ports open

TeamViewer 10 was used for the remote control.

Eagle Flight and my thinking was that it's somehow due to the software firewall (mainly because of the DMZ test). That's where we ended up. I'll join when I can (though it will at least be before the fly-in time).

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Sorry I couldn't make it tonight. I likely won't make it until Saturday night, but only if Nephilim can make it. With what we did last time, I have no further ideas on how to fix the issue; if Neph can help you out I'll be glad to provide him with what we did last time.

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